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  1. Everything is working! Here you go everyone. Link to a demo video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMvxzGGBD7c Example Code - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78945063/StepperMotorBoosterPack.zip Image - Attached Sorry for the video quality, recorded from my IPhone. Code based off of Max Groning's Stepper Booster Library. -Nick
  2. Boards built and code written, just waiting on the motor to get here to see if it works!
  3. Have the boards! Been in the process of moving places and just got my work station set back up. I'll try and get a video posted later this week
  4. Thanks. I have used headers in the past and it's a toss up as to which I prefer most. Barring unforeseen setbacks I should have something up and running for show and tell in 2 or 3 weeks.
  5. Hey everyone! Here is a Stepper Motor BoosterPack I have been working on that utilizes the DRV8825. I just ordered the boards today and will be working on some code samples while I wait on them. The DRV8825 can drive one bipolar stepper motor or two DC motors. It has a 8.2-V to 45-V supply range with 2.5-A peak at 24-V. I tried to design for the full operating range of the chip while maintaining the BoosterPack size guidelines. http://www.ti.com/product/drv8825 Let me know what you think! I am working on a BLDC Motor BoosterPack as well that I will post later. Motor_Driver_DRV8
  6. Thanks bluehash, I may just do that once I get the layout done.
  7. Here is my schematic for a Stepper Motor/Dual DC Motor BoosterPack. I attempted to match pin outs with the Stepper BoosterPack by Max Groning at TI in order to possibly utilize his library with a few modifications. This design utilizes the DRV8825 to accommodate for a wide range of input voltages and has a few more bells and whistles. About to start work on the layout. Let me know any comments you might have! Sorry for the quality on the schematic, KiCad does not seem to have a decent way to export to png from their schematic editor. Nick
  8. Thanks! Some of the intended features for this one: Temp sensor (TMP36), example application is going to be for variable fan speed based on temperature. Also give an option to power the LaunchPad from the DRV11873 5V supply through an LDO. I am thinking of doing the DRV8412 next, seems to be a pretty well rounded chip for a lot of applications. Though I am not sure I can design for the power it can handle.
  9. Good catch, I'll definitely fix that.
  10. Hi, I've done some work with TI motor drivers in the past and was thinking of making a few BoosterPacks for some of them. I am already working on one with a BLDC driver (TI DRV11873) and was just wondering if there were any others people would be specifically interested in? Nick Here are some photos of the DRV11873 BoosterPack. Still debugging and working on some example firmware.
  11. NickO

    MSP430 UART Issue

    Was just looking over the LaunchPad schematic and realized I had forgotten to do exactly that. I just hot-fixed it and every thing is working smoothly. Thanks for the comment though, most likely would have saved me some frustration if I hadn't realized sooner. Nick
  12. Hi, I am working on a sensor module design for a research project I am doing. I using an MSP430G2553 that I plug into a socket on my custom PCB. The MSP430 manages a collection of I2C sensors and then communicates data over Bluetooth. The Bluetooth module connects to the MSP430 with the hardware UART, 9600 baud rate. I was planning on programming the MSPs with the Launchpad and then plugging them into my sensor module PCBs. The issue I am having is that I am receiving no response over the serial connection when I try the setup on my custom PCB. I bread boarded the design prior to crea
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