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  1. Yes, I did. Both gcc generated -S output as well as disassembled binary file. I will review again and see what's different of essential parts. Ty for suggestion.
  2. Hi guys, thank you for quick reply. Hi, I altered by using either IFG or UCBUSY. After your recommendation I stick to UCBUSY. I changed the other parts of the code of how you recommended but the issue remains. The mentioned C-code stated in the beginning works flawlessly. If I load this code first, I can successfully run my own code if I don't reinsert the board. Like stated in in this post above, it works flawlessly with the code in my first post (the link) in Linux and if I do exactly the same steps to read the serial port but with my code - it get stuck as you mentioned.
  3. Hi, New MSP430 LP user. Hope Im posting in the right forum part. I found out using the combination MSP430G2553, Launchpad 1.5 (jumpers in hw) + Linux + UART is a bit of a problem. It seems there's always problems with UART communication. I confirmed http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1643-g2553-hardware-uart-hello-world-example/ to work perfectly so this is why I can't understand what's wrong with my code. Here's my code .include "msp430g2553.inc" RXD equ 0x02 TXD equ 0x04 .org 0xc000 start: dint mov.w #(WDTPW|WDTHOLD), &WDTCTL mov.w #0x0280, SP ; CPU 1
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