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  1. AZ0114

    MTK3339 GPS

    Ok so bear with me on this im still fairly new to using the MSP's 1) The majority of my code comes from dkedr's post where i changed it to always send out RMC sentence 2) Does parsing the data allow me to seperate and store the NMEA sentence (i.e for lat x=dd y=mm z=sss)? 3) if so, and assuming this is the line to parse it, how would i integrate the line. $GPRMC,[time:hhmmss.ss],[data status:AV],[lat:ddmm.sss],[NS],[long:dddmm.sss],[EW],[speed over ground:knots],[true course:deg],[uTC date of fix:ddmmyy],[magnetic variation:deg],[EW],[mode]*;
  2. AZ0114

    MTK3339 GPS

    I want the MSP430 to parse the gps data. What im trying to do is take the RMC sentence, pull the latitude and longitude, and then store it for further processing.
  3. AZ0114

    MTK3339 GPS

    How would i go about parsing the NMEA sentences assuming im not using the LCD but a UART connection of the MSP430G2553 using PuTTY serial com.
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