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  1. Hi Gents,


    I've modified the SpaceLen driver to receive commands from '433mhz remotes' to drive ledStrips. These controllers + remote cost a whoping 5$, and drive upto 2A a led (so 6A in total, so rather cheap for the capabilities.


    Using this library, you mimic the remote. Unfortunately sending custom commands, other than replayed remote commands seems impossible, without flashing the original uC in the receiver. 


    For now i've just finished the reception of the remotes, but an addition to sending these commands is in the making.




    edit: both sending and receiving works.


    The code can be found on: https://github.com/vinietje/LedProtocol

    the controllers look like: https://github.com/vinietje/LedProtocol/blob/master/docs/Controller.jpg

    the timing of the signals: https://github.com/vinietje/LedProtocol/blob/master/docs/Timing%20signal.png


    I which I could be more specific regarding type-numbers and, such, but the Chinese are very limited regarding these unfortunately, eq, the chips inside the remotes don't bear any markings :-( and prints like '433mhz' and 'paired 1-on-1' aren't gonna cut it...



    please keep in mind that due to the lack of a 'change event' i have used a workaround, although in the latest commits on Energia this issue is resolved. So when using them, you will need to alter the interupt routine.



  2. Hey All,


    I've ported the RemoteSwitch library to Energia, For now i've only teste the receiving part, which works.


    I've used the MSP430G2452 in accordens with the CZS-3 SAW receiver, all works on 432.93mzh Or 433.


    It it can be used to controll Action, Blokker and Klik-aan-Klik uit devices like power sockets, and receive the remote control presses.


    So far the sending part and the optional RemoteSensor I haven't touched (yet).


    the code is hosted on Github: https://github.com/vinietje/RemoteSwitchEnergiaPort

    Please note that i've written/run this code using a current git-checkout of Energia, rather than the energia-0101E0009-macosx.dmg build. (which appear to have a bug regarding external interrupts (which this port basically is all about).


    Have fun using it, and keep in mind: all credit to the original authors!



  3. Hi guys,


    Ik tried all the above assembly code, but I cannot to get my led to give some form of output. 


    I've looked at the scope at the output pin, and there is a nice square wave coming out of it.  I'm kinda lost on how to get these leds shining.


    Presently i've connected the bare led with 5v on the VCC, VDD and 3.3V straight out of the launchpad to the DI (data in). But it won't work, 


    There is NO capacitor on the VCC.


    Any thoughts would be very welcome!




    ps. For good measure, ive included my stuff, (a make file, Main.c and the assembly by you guys. NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT WORK ON MY SETUP), altough output seems oke..


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