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  1. AMPS

    Energia IDE

    Dear all, http://www.ti.com/ww/en/launchpad/launchpads-msp430.html#tabs I am new to this forum. I found that energia IDE work similar to arduino IDE based on library functions. My questions are 1) I have worked on various library based IDE like mpide, uecide I found that some library wont work on some controller Like SoftwareSerial on chipkit uno32 by mpide IDE, I would like to know if someone used IDE what are library it really worked for them. I am looking for below library 1)basic: analogRead(); digitalRead();digitialWrite();Serial.print();Serial.println() 2) Wire: w
  2. Dear all, Please let me know which is analog refernce pin MSP430g2553. How to configured iN Energia IDE.
  3. Thanks for providing information. BUt in forum people say that , they made working with Arduino TINYGPS liberary but provide RAM has limited size for MSp
  4. Is there any liberary TINY GPS lib in arduino for Energia. I tried the code of tiny gps in ENERGIA but IT worked on MSP kits
  5. Dear all, How to create self defined timer for mSP like arduino having mstimer.
  6. AMPS


    Dear all, Is there any liberary for Energia similar to beolw liberary in arduino http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MsTimer2
  7. AMPS

    i2c read ?

    can below code works with g2553. I wanna write rt time . how the progrm look like ds1307 is rtc
  8. i m using code composer studio . is it possible to load program from there.
  9. Where you reading iutput value for below code
  10. I am new to programming in mSp kits. how to intilise i2c , read data from i2c slave , write data to i2c slave address,read data from master. If some one has ds1307 interface code with g2553 please share it
  11. Dear all, i have ds1307 rtc, mspg4302553 series board using code composer IDE for programming. can some share code for writing time in to rtc and read data .
  12. AMPS

    RTC problem

    I am having RTC DS1307 I have used Energia IDE for programming.The code is working fine.I am facing one difficulties. As soon as i remove sda and scl pin from microcontroller it stop reading vlaues I tried same code in arduino . when i disconnect it reads default values as 0.0.0(hour.min.sec) how to check RTC working or not for MSP430G2 . is there any way to check RTC reading the values or not
  13. I have given external power supply to power up the Ds1307 keeping ground refernce to power up both ds1307 and MSP. This program i tried with arduino it worked. But it doesnot worked for this KIt
  14. AMPS

    RTC liberary

    I am having external 5v dc Power supply to power up DS1307. I have acheived answer in arduino but i could not able to acheive in MSP kits. It will write answer in serial monitor will not stay for long time
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