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  1. Thanks for the post oPossum! I've been struggling with this just a bit. I picked up a MC14584 and opted for R1/C1 at 10ohm and 100nf (calculated for ~8mhz) and substituted a 1k and 100nf for R2/C2. According to my MSO i'm only signaling for about 5us and your trace shows about 20us. I assume my scaling of R1/C1 and or R2/C2 is off. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Special thanks to the authors of the following projects - ePaper Calendar and bilder.org ! I picked up the ePaper display and the associated header from the good folks at SparkFun! I needed to build an hour meter for a 240v heater in the shop. I could have used a COTS power adapter and a mechanical hour meter, but I couldn't pass up the chance to use ePaper. The meter tracks total time since last reset (via a jumper) and the current/last amount of time the unit ran. I used an ePaper display so the display would be readable even when the unit was powered down. The code is very ru
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