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  1. Thank you Grahamf72, It works like a charm. I've been trying to insert a push2 button interrupt but I didn't acheived it. Do you think that it's possible to use both interrupt, timer and pin interrupt ?
  2. Hi all, Is there anyone has a sketch in energia which set the msp430 sleep during for instance 8 seconds and then wake it up, do a little routine and then sleep again all over again. Thank you
  3. Hi all, I am trying to run the MSP430 standalone. I uploaded the blink example using energia (blink the red led every second). When I put the chip standalone, the red led is blinking 3 times and stop during 3 seconds all over again. Does anyone know what is wrong? I did put the 47Kohm pullup resistor to the reset pin. Cheer
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