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  1. hi i was working on the possiility to include in the current sensor tag project the invensense mpu9250 (gcc) library in the project, ti confirmed me they will not propose ble stack in gcc. i could by a dedicated compiler but it s too much expensive. about energia project it want to say that ble stack will not be supported and limit the possibility of the cc2650 sens ourtag or launchpad. Please comment.
  2. Is there someboby who have sample of CC-DEVPACK-DEBUG for sensor tag cc2650 ? If yes , would you want to sell it .... TI have the product active but don"t want to sell one .... they say out of stock .....
  3. the goal was to use groove connectors and was useful of our Project size. i fight with ti to obtain one without success. really strange to ne unable to have one... the ceo of our company want to swicth to another manufacturer due to This issue... is there somebody want sell his own cc debugger ?
  4. hi i cannot buy the cc debugger for the cc2650 sensor tag. Do you know where and when i could buy it ? ti is saying out of stock.... it's urgent, please help ... Already thanks for your response ;-> BR titof49
  5. Hi, i bought msp and stellaris launchpad + anaren sub 1ghz booster pack to start (knowledge on arduino training). I saw on your forum people working with lcd screen + gps breakout board. i'm looking for a booster pack including lcd srceen+ push buttons + gsm +gprs + zigbee (like anaren) complete solution. do you think it's difficult to contain these Equipments on a single booster pack ? or do you think it can be stacked on the same launchpad, is it may be too important load for the msp ? ( maybe it will be more easy to include it on the stellaris as it include more uart/spi/i2c)
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