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    XTL reacted to bluehash in Stellaris Early Adopters, Look Inside - Award System Installed   
    Haha.. "You Kept That!?" is an awesome award.
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    XTL reacted to bluehash in Stellaris Launchpad User Manual - SPMU289 - now available   
    Blue at the 43oh forums found the http://www.ti.com/lit/spmu289'>LM4F120 user manual. Good for him!

    Also attached here as backup.

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    XTL reacted to pramode in Stellaris launchpad development using Linux/gcc/lm4tools   
    If you are a Linux enthusiasts, you will love this! You can develop for the stellaris launchpad
    using command-line tools on Linux; check out:
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    XTL reacted to scompo in Stellaris gcc compile on linux.   
    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to put this, if it isn't please let me know..
    I've managed to get a working complier with the arm-none-eabi lite toolchain from codesourcery.
    Stellarisware examples are compiling just fine on linux.
    The right toolchain it's chosen automatically by the makedefs definitions.
    I've managed to get a simple project compiling on gcc and verified it runs correctly in a windows pc with the LMLoader program.
    Basically I created another folder in the boards directory, copied an existing example from the lm4f120x folder, edited the file names and changed the recurrency of the names in the makefile. I deleted the existing code and added mine in the main.c file.
    The files needed (from the uart_echo example) are:

    If you are interested you could find all the infos here.
    Sorry for the poor code, but it was only a test!
    A nice thing would be using openocd and gdb to program, run and debug the bin file in the target but with the ICDI interface it's not possible for now without CCS5 and a some headaches to get it working as this post found out!
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    XTL reacted to scompo in ICDI support in OpenOCD   
    Got it working.
    Really nice to use, great job and really useful!
    I've made a tutorial on how to build openocd and debug a simple code in gdb, if anyone it's interested it's here.
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    XTL reacted to ntfreak in ICDI support in OpenOCD   
    TI have released some info on the ICDI interface - i have uploaded here for all to access:
    Also checlout the following project that supports the ICDI:
    I am still working on OpenOCD support, the above projects are standalone.
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    XTL reacted to ntfreak in ICDI support in OpenOCD   
    we are hoping to have ICDI support within OpenOCD as soon as possible - we are in talks with TI about them releasing the ICDI spec.
    Not ideal but it would be possible now to use OpenOCD, by connecting to a supported jtag adapter using the breakout connector
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