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    Code composer Studion Graphing Tool Tutorial

    That is a very nice feature, even just the trick to refresh the expressions values in realtime is great.
  2. semicolo

    New Energia release 0101E0016 - 07/08/2015

    Great work guys. I think you've asked before if the previous version is displaying an update notification. Version 0101E0013 is not showing that an update is available on windows 8 64bits. Edit: But maybe that's because of the firewall at work, I'll try to remember testing it at home. Edit2: No notification at home either.
  3. semicolo

    ESP8266 - IoT on the cheap ;)

    The default AT commands mode communication speed the modules come with is 57600/115200 bps, maybe if you run the code directly on the micro you can get a better speed.
  4. semicolo

    controlling dds with launchpad

    The serial monitor is not supposed to print what you send. You cannot debug with energia, you have to use ti's code composer studio. Now you can load your energia sketches in CCS by the way. Send a picture of your setup so we can see if something is wrong with your jumpers.
  5. semicolo

    controlling dds with launchpad

    I don't have a 1.3 board but I don't see why you'd need to connect anything, the microcontroller pins should be connected to both the header and jumper field. If you connected a jumper between RXD and TXD, that explains why you see an echo of what you type in the serial monitor.
  6. semicolo

    controlling dds with launchpad

    This works on my launchpad: void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { if (Serial.available()) { long frequency = Serial.parseInt(); Serial.println(frequency); } } when I type a number, say 1234 in the serial monitor, the launchpad reads it in the frequency variable and prints it back to the serial monitor I find it strange that you see data in the serial monitor when your code doesn't send anything. Again try the Ascii table example you should see a bunch of lines when you hit reset on the launchpad and try the simpler code above to test reading in a variable.
  7. semicolo

    problem to read UART1 pin PC4 serial1

    I think the port numbers are mixed, try Serial2 or 3 or 4...
  8. semicolo

    controlling dds with launchpad

    You have to initialize the hardware serial in the setup function: Serial.begin(9600); (9600 bps is the maximum speed using the launchpad usb serial) then in the loop wait for serial data and when available use Serial.parseInt() something like void loop() { if (Serial.available()) { long frequency = Serial.parseInt(); sendFrequency(frequency); } } Have a look at the Communications examples (in File/Examples/4.Communication) Run the ASCIITable example if you didn't already to make sure the jumpers on the launchpad are set correct, that's a common mistake for beginners.
  9. semicolo

    Yet another music box simulator

    Hi guys, I wanted to share this project I made for my step sister last christmas. After seeing some other music box project on hack a day, I found it would make a nice gift. I started experimenting on arduino and launchpad/g2553 using wavetable software synthesis. It looks like I suck at optimizing c code on microcontrollers, I had to decrease the output sample rate to 6250Hz on the arduino for 6 channels and down to 7812Hz on the launchpad and use fixed point numbers with 4 bits after the point, sound was not good enough to my taste. (here are the CCS sources if someone wants to play with them: yamb-launchpad.zip) Here's a picture of the finished project, the final board uses an MSP430g2452 and an Atmel AT25DF32 SPI flash memory that holds the 8bits unsigned samples played by the CPU at 31250Hz using a 62500Hz pwm. Everything's hidden in the side of a homemade wooden box. Mains voltage is held off by the switch unless the top of the box is open. And here's the sound used, it was generated on my pc by a console floating point version of the wavetable synthesis software. yamb.zip
  10. semicolo

    Serial Switch

    What project are you talking about? Please add your code or a reference to it.
  11. semicolo

    MSP430 Nothing on Serial Monitor

    Just tried with energia 12, it works. I suppose that com3 goes away from the port list when you unplug the board? Edit: Works with energia 13 too.
  12. semicolo

    How to check error when using UART?

    I just checked the serial code in energia, you can't do it directly. I suppose you could play with the registers after doing a serial.begin to enable the parity bit but I don't know if this would conflict with the interrupt routines.
  13. semicolo

    How to check error when using UART?

    If your question is how to enable parity and check it, I don't think there's anything in energia to make this happen (or the documentation is outdated) If you don't need all 8 bits, you could use the msb as a parity bit and implement it in software.
  14. semicolo

    Simplest Standalone MSP430G2553 with USB-Serial?

    I have a few usb2serial cables based on the PL-2303X that is not supported anymore since windows 8 (you can actually install windows 7 drivers to make them work but it's a hassle). Never had a problem with these cables. Seems like other chips than PL-2303HXA and PL-2303X should have working drivers. I also tried high speed serial transfers with a stellaris launchpad once, I don't remember when it stopped being reliable but It could go up to a few Mbps (testing wasn't really scientific, the launchpad was just sending the ascii table over and over and I looked at some strange or out of place characters in the output).
  15. semicolo

    how read the battery voltage

    If I'm not mistaken the F5529 has an ADC_12_A but it doesn't seem to be handled in the energia sources, there's ADC10, ADC10_B, ADC12_PLUS and ADC12_B. What do you think @@energia?
  16. semicolo

    how read the battery voltage

    I don't have a F5529,it looks like it's reading the 2.5V reference instead of half_VCC, I'll try to get the datasheet and have a look if you don't figure it out first.
  17. semicolo


    They're used in the 3d printers hot ends and heating beds. In university we used them in wheatstone bridges, if I remember well, it allows the resistance to be approximated to a line. Lot less useful now that it's easy to have a values table in a microcontroller.
  18. I use this program to test the servos I buy on ebay, just open the serial console and send single characters (space to go all the way on one side, up to z to go all the way on the other side). Set the line ending to "no line ending". Change MIN MAX to define the min/max angle of the servo. #include <Servo.h> #define MIN 15 #define MAX 165 Servo myservo; // create servo object to control a servo int pos = 0; // variable to store the servo position int position (int value) { if (value>100) value=100; if (value<0) value=0; return map(value, 0, 100, MIN, MAX); } void setup() { myservo.attach(2); // attaches the servo on pin 2 to the servo object Serial.begin(9600); pos = 80; myservo.write(pos); } void loop() { delay(15); if (Serial.available()) { int data = Serial.read(); data -= ' '; pos = position(data); Serial.println(pos); } myservo.write(pos); }
  19. I think it's the serial 9600bps that's holding the ADC frequency here, when the serial buffer is full, the Serial.print must be waiting until some chars are transmitted before returning. Try without the Serial.print void loop() { // read the analog in value: sensorValue = analogRead(analogInPin); // map it to the range of the analog out: outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 1023); //outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 255); // change the analog out value: analogWrite(analogOutPin, outputValue); delay(1); }
  20. semicolo

    Giveaway Entry thread

    Hi all and happy new year.
  21. semicolo

    MultiSerial Example Not working

    The 15 bytes limit is probably due to the serial buffer, you have to send data at the serial rate or lower to not overrun the said buffer. Using while depends on the amount of data received/sent, if you work on single bytes, you can probably replace the while by ifs.
  22. semicolo

    MultiSerial Example Not working

    Why are you connecting both serial ports between the cards? Could you explain what you're trying to do? If you want to use the usb to serial interface of one card, nothing should be connected on rx tx (but you're jumping these pins to the other board).
  23. semicolo

    Small Quadruped

    That was my next question, on an hexapod you can form triangles, seems hard to maintain equilibrium on a 4 legged walker with so little joints.
  24. semicolo

    Small Quadruped

    Well now that my printer is finished and printing correctly, I'll have to buy some servos to try that.
  25. semicolo

    Change PWM frequency on Energia

    Can you post the code you tried?