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  1. lunakid

    Can't get to Square One

    HTH, I solved my case like this: Windows 7 (64). Mspdebug had been running fine, but Energia just could never write to the board. For a last attempt I unpacked another Launchpad box, which happened to be a v1.5 board -- and voila! :-o (BTW: is it the *FET* driver appearing in Device Manager as a Generic HID Device?) Needless to say, it's mspdebug now that can no longer recognize the board... I saw the libusb driver not appearing either, so I tried reinstalling it with its "inf-wizard". And, hurray, mspdebug works again! Cool. But... Umm... guess what... Energia is back again to "square 0"...: no unused FET found! So... Either mspdebug (via libusb & "rf2500"), or Energia (via the FET driver?), this is the deal for me here. But, at least, as it seems, I can get either of them running now, any time, for both v1.4 and v1.5 boards, just not at the same time.
  2. lunakid

    How to use temperature calibration data

    Hehh, indeed, thanks for pointing it out! )
  3. Anyone with the solution to this issue, perhaps? Windows7/64, supposedly all drivers installed (COM3 for the MSP USB UART here), mspdebug sees the device, but just can't open it. Everything like MWE said. (The suggestion from ikravets results in "This driver does not support raw USB access.") UPDATE (SOLVED!): In the libusb driver package (mine is the SysProgs version), do run inf-wizard.exe to generate the correct .inf for the actual MSP430 debug interface. Then you just install it (can be done right from inf-wizard), and the device finally appears (under "libusb- win32 devices" under Device Manager), and mspdebug can access it, at last! Hallelujah!