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    Nokia 5110 display

    hi robg, i tried out the corrections you suggested but my lcd is still not displaying anything. following is the code . Please suggest corrections if any. thankyou. #include "msp430g2231.h" #include "PCD8544.h" #define LCD5110_SCLK_PIN BIT5 #define LCD5110_DN_PIN BIT6 #define LCD5110_SCE_PIN BIT0 #define LCD5110_DC_PIN BIT1 #define LCD5110_SELECT P1OUT &= ~LCD5110_SCE_PIN #define LCD5110_DESELECT P1OUT |= LCD5110_SCE_PIN #define LCD5110_SET_COMMAND P1OUT &= ~LCD5110_DC_PIN #define LCD5110_SET_DATA P1OUT |= LCD5110_DC_PIN #define LCD5110_COMMAND 0 #define LCD51
  2. Hi, In my project i need to send some data(eg:volume) measured using msp430g2231 to another msp430g2231 using ir method. can anyone suggest how the ir transmission and receiving can be implemented using the same? thank you
  3. tanh

    Nokia 5110 display

    thanks a lot Robg.. really useful.
  4. tanh

    Nokia 5110 display

    Hi, I am new to msp. Can anyone suggest how we can use SPI mode for 5110 LCD with msp430g2231? I used Robg's code for 2553 and that worked. I want to do the same with 2231. I found that 2231 uses USI unlike 2553. please help.
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