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  1. Hi @@qgs ... attached you will find the Diptrace file for the PCB. The layout (regarding the MCU) is for G2452/G2553. EasyDriverMSP430.zip The simple Energia sketch (not cleaned up, hopefully self explaining, but working) I used to start/stop/reverse my stepper motor is here: const int buttonPin = P1_0; //Button for start/stop/reverseconst int DIR_PIN = P2_2;const int STEP_PIN = P2_1;//Motor stateint motorState = 1; // 0/2 = STOP, 1 = CW, 3 = CCW//Buttonint buttonState;int lastButtonState = LOW;long lastDebounceTime = 0;const int debounceDelay = 500;void setup() {
  2. Hi I could send you the Diptrace files if they would be of any help. My board just connects the necessary pins of the MSP with the pins of the Easy Driver board ... so nothing special here I guess. If you want to use my PCB layout with another MSP Derivate you could just change the foot print for the mcu, the pins and the routing for vcc, gnd, reset etc. ...
  3. @@greeeg Tried 4 or 5 different modules from G-Top myself, major problem was my poor PCB design (no proper ground plane etc.) ... I like the small form factor, but the fixing time was awefull (on my PCBs). It will be interisting to see, how GLONASS improves fixing and/or accuracy ...
  4. @@greeeg which GPS module do you use? I'm curious to see the improvement for GPS fixing / performance ...
  5. I am interested in the pricing model for the sat comm ... could you give some details, please [emoji4]
  6. yosh

    About Msp430

    Hi ... Ad 1: maybe ... maybe not ... at least, the F1471 has an ADC ... see (2) Ad 2: Highly recommended read: LINK Ad 3: see (2) for clarification, what this specific microcontroller offers. I _guess_, your searching for something else ... Would be easier if you could explain what you try to achieve ... Kind regards yosh
  7. Hi @@tushar19 As @@B@tto already mentioned: more RAM -> another Launchpad. Maybe the F5529 could be an option for you?
  8. Maybe this is interesting for you : http://forum.43oh.com/index.php?/topic/9677-BoostMP3-LauchPad-BoosterPack
  9. Please provide more detailed information on your setup. How are Launchpad and SIM800 connected ... which baud rates do you use for communication ? Or do you only use the Serial-to-usb hardware side of the launchpad to show the serial output stream? Did you try another serial to USB Adapter ..... ?? What do you want to do at all??? Too many questions
  10. The project / idea itself is nice, no doubt. But I think @@spirilis and @@Rickta59 pointed it out ... you find MP3 players for little money everywhere. And most important point for me is always a nice and handy enclosure for projects like this. Any ideas on this ? I think I would love to build your project myself, but wouldn't buy a booster pack - sorry. Anyway, good luck and keep us updated if you like!
  11. I think that's the way to go @@jogreenie Just have a look at the links I posted earlier ... in one you will find a photo of the setup @@abecedarian mentioned.
  12. Did you try to change the Serial / Software Serial setup as mentioned ?
  13. @@jogreenie ... that's a good point Robert mentioned! Maybe it's better to use Software Serial for debugging and RXD/TXD (Pins 3 and 4) for the Scanner. We discussed scenarios like this in other posts here (e.g. if you need to connect a HC-05 / HC-06 Bluetooth Module or a ESP8266 to the G2553). See here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9293-esp8266-with-msp430g2553-launchpad/?p=70938 and here (with photo): http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9360-bluetooth-module-hc-05/ Good luck!
  14. Maybe just post the sketch that _you_ are actually using on the G2553 ... so we can see which pins you use etc. Why do you power the finger print scanner with 5v ? I would worry a little bit about this (regarding the logic levels) ... Maybe add a photo or a wiring scheme ... do G2553 and scanner have the same GND? So ... a lot of questions
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