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    chip selection

    hi, currently am using MSP430G2553 it have Two 16-Bit Timer_A With Three Capture/Compare Registers, but i need minimum four 16-Bit Timers means i need 12 Capture/Compare Registers (IN MSP430 only), so which chip is suitable for this please give me some suggestion.
  2. we are having the following problems. we are setting password to RX Data Block :- we are able to generate the password but we are not sure were to use or how to use this. Rx data block:- HDR, CMD , L1, L2 ,AL, AH, LL,LH, D1,D2,....DN, CKL , CKH, ACK we are able to generated but we are not sure how it will work we have include in our source code or we have do some think else. Please help us to fixed this issues. if you having any sample application "hello.c" with BSL password please send us. please find the attached PDF Regards pramod
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