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  1. rickysinho

    Stellaris Wireless Programming

    You can tell me what I need to do actually to program using a programmer by serial (bluetooth)?
  2. rickysinho

    How change PWM frequency on Stellaris?

    In English I've had this problem a few months ago, you need at the beginning of your code include # include <wiring_analog.c> And use the function: PWMWrite (pin, resolution, duty, frequency); Em Portugu
  3. rickysinho

    Stellaris Wireless Programming

    I don't work with java, can you help me with that job?
  4. rickysinho

    Stellaris Wireless Programming

    I come now to give the current status of this project. What is already working? Bluetooth Communication System between PC and Stellaris. Programming and Serial over Bluetooth. What's left to do? Edit the Java of "Energy IDE" to send the commands necessary for the programming software (lm4flash.exe). When complete the project I will give all the steps and information to all who want to program the stellaris by bluetooth. After Stellaris'll try to do the same for the MSP430 and the Fraunchpad. Now I need help from someone who can edit in java, the commands sent to the lm4flash.exe. Thank you.
  5. rickysinho

    Stellaris Wireless Programming

    I tried that. I programed stellaris with command line successfully. My problem is modify the original command to my command in energia. You can helpe me with that.
  6. rickysinho

    Stellaris Wireless Programming

    I don't work with Java. Can you help me modify that?
  7. rickysinho

    Stellaris Wireless Programming

    I tried what you said but it just appears to me that the command is sent to the lm4flash, but does not say where I can edit this command.
  8. rickysinho

    Stellaris Wireless Programming

    Hello, friends. I am finishing a modification to the Energia IDE that allows you to program the Stellaris by bluetooth without needing a usb cable . I've been having some problems, because I can not find where I can edit the command that is used at the time that the Energia program stellaris. Anybody can help me about this?
  9. rickysinho

    Energia interface to TLC5940 16-LED driver

    You need help making this library?
  10. rickysinho

    Gsm/Gprs Arduino Shield Library

    Hello, I received a module GSM / GPRS I purchased on Ebay (the link is below), this is based on SIMCOM SIM900 chip that receives all commands via UART using AT commands. I have been trying to carry a library available for Arduino (Uno and Pro) to MSP430 or Stellaris, and have found some problems. I have reached the following conclusions: -Is there any problem with using the Software Serial library. -This seems to be easy to communicate. Using the Software Serial library Energia IDE gives me the following errors: In file included from C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/SIM900.h:4:0, from GSM_GPRSLibrary_AT.cpp:1: C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/HWSerial.h:39:21: error: '__FlashStringHelper' does not name a type C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/HWSerial.h:39:41: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'parameter' with no type [-fpermissive] C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/HWSerial.h:51:26: error: '__FlashStringHelper' does not name a type C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/HWSerial.h:51:46: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'parameter' with no type [-fpermissive] In file included from C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/SIM900.h:5:0, from GSM_GPRSLibrary_AT.cpp:1: C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/GSM.h:219:31: error: '__FlashStringHelper' does not name a type C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/GSM.h:219:52: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'AT_cmd_string' with no type [-fpermissive] In file included from GSM_GPRSLibrary_AT.cpp:1:0: C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/SIM900.h:33:25: error: '__FlashStringHelper' does not name a type C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/SIM900.h:33:46: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'pgmstr' with no type [-fpermissive] C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/SIM900.h:36:27: error: '__FlashStringHelper' does not name a type C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\energia-0101E0009\hardware\msp430\libraries\GSMSHIELD_TDG/SIM900.h:36:48: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'pgmstr' with no type [-fpermissive] I leave this library also available in the post for those who want to help me. This is the link where I buy the module: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GSM-GPRS-Shield-For-Arduino-/230911052682?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35c35f0b8a ALPHA_TiDiGino_IDE100_v100.zip
  11. rickysinho

    Energia Autosave

    is possible to modify the Energia to do autosave of the scketches? what I need to change?
  12. rickysinho

    Livebots - A New idea

    A new idea, for your robot. http://livebots.cc
  13. rickysinho

    Livebots - A New idea

    A new idea, for your robot. http://livebots.cc
  14. rickysinho

    I2C - SRF10 and Stellaris

    i tried different Gain- and Range-Values but stil not working
  15. rickysinho

    I2C - SRF10 and Stellaris/MSP430

    I have had some problems in using srf10 and energia, because with msp430 and the stellaris, can only measure values ??below 110 cm, and values ??between 60 cm and 110 cm, are unstable. here is my code for the stellaris. for msp430 is the same by removing only the functions setmodule of stellaris. #include <Wire.h> TwoWire Wire1; void setup() { Wire1.setModule(1); Wire1.begin(); Serial.begin(9600); } byte highByte = 0x00; // Stores high byte from ranging byte lowByte = 0x00; int reading = 0; int range = 0; void loop() { Wire.beginTransmission(120); // Start communticating with SRF08 Wire.write(0x00); // Send Command Byte Wire.write(0x51); // Send 0x51 to start a ranging Wire.endTransmission(); delay(100); // Wait for ranging to be complete Wire.beginTransmission(120); // start communicating with SRFmodule Wire.write(0x02); // Call the register for start of ranging data Wire.endTransmission(); Wire.requestFrom(120, 2); // Request 2 bytes from SRF module while(Wire.available() < 2); // Wait for data to arrive highByte = Wire.read(); // Get high byte lowByte = Wire.read(); // Get low byte range = (highByte << 8) + lowByte; // Put them together Serial.print(range); Serial.println(); delay(25); } also made ??some changes in the wire library of stellaris, to this work. was only a change of frequency, they are this: line 242 before: wire.cpp ROM_I2CMasterInitExpClk(MASTER_BASE, ROM_SysCtlClockGet(), false);//max bus speed=400kHz for gyroscope after: wire.cpp ROM_I2CMasterInitExpClk(MASTER_BASE, ROM_SysCtlClockGet()/1.4, false);//max bus speed=400kHz for gyroscope where is the error?