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  1. Thank you again, but I think it worked on pin 10. I think the protoboard connection was not correct, I tried again and worked, although the values printed on serial monitor are not the same as on arduino. I will try replacing the function and see if there is any difference...
  2. Thank energia, but it didn't work... Maybe some changes in the code are needed, because with arduino it works fine, but with stellaris I just get noise!
  3. I'm trying to read data from an adxl345 accelerometer. The example code that comes with Energia doesn't seen to work. So, I'm trying to use this code from sparkfun: http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/240. It was made for Arduino, but since Energia uses the same libraries I thought it would work as it work on arduino. My problem is to know the correct pins to comunicate. The arduino board has only one set of SPI pins, although the Stellaris board has four sets. I want to know how to configure the SPI comunication pins. I'm kind of a beginner with Stellaris, so forgive if it is a stup
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