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  1. Rickta59, thanks for share with us. I just purchased the bundle and the MKII bundle to use in the edx course. Now I'm waiting the processing to receive the license.
  2. I performed a new test (removing all jumpers and the sd card) and the time increased to about 60 minutes using the supercap
  3. @@dubnet I removed all jumpers to perform the test, but I don't remember if the SD card was in the slot. I will do new tests and share the results.
  4. Yesterday I noticed that the board is not available in the store. I don't know why, but I was lucky to buy in the first batch. The Out-of-box demo lasts about 40 minutes using the supercap to log in the FRAM.
  5. The Launchpad MSP-EXP430FR5994 is available in the store Will the new LEA hardware available in other lines like the F serie devices focused in metrology?
  6. My initial objective is not create the smaller or better code, is just learn more things related to embedded world. This code has a lot to improve in size and performance, but anyway, can be useful for someone, even though there are many others. Thanks for the link, I will study it. The approach to convert the number seems to be more efficient.
  7. I would like to share with you this library. Is an embedded version of the famous "printf ( )". - https://github.com/agaelema/Embedded_Printf The start point was this post in the e2e where an user share a code. - http://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/f/81/p/30479/107146 I modified the code inserting new functions as binary notation, float notation, scientific notation, functions to convert numbers into strings and strings into numbers. The user can enable some #define enabling/disabling functions to use just what is useful. This is an resume
  8. Did you see this: "The MSP430F599x microcontrollers take low power and performance to the next level with the Low-Energy Accelerator (LEA_SC), a co-processor optimized for signal processing. this accelerator enables developers to efficiently process data using complex functions such as FFT, FIR and matrix multiplication. Implementation requires no DSP expertise with a free optimized DSP Library available." Awesome
  9. Even if the folder is inside the project it's necessary to include in the compiler options? I tried to include some folders, but many errors keep happening. - the file "malloc.h" no exists - archives with directives marked as not necessary I tried to exclude this files of the building and replace the "malloc.h" by the "stdlib.h". After this the errors , but the code lock after the initial message displayed on the terminal.
  10. Hi, one print of the errors in CCS. I started a new project with support to MSPWare and copied the files to this project.
  11. Hi, I tried to import the project in the CCS, but it does not recognize the "MSP432-Launchpad-FatFS-SDCard", just the "MSP432-Launchpad-Printf-Support" with many errors. I think that in the last update of MSPWare some #define were modified. Thanks ps.: I posted this yesterday, but the post disappeared
  12. Teardown Tuesday: Kwikset SmartCode Lock http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/teardown-tuesday-kwikset-smartcode-lock/
  13. Hi. Good news. I'm very impressed with the characteristics of this new MSP432. Somebody know the roadmap of the new devices that will arrive? We will have devices for smart metering with the SD24? This would be awesome in my projects. One question, to this new line we need a new debug tool, correct? The MSP430FET-UIF will not be compatible? This tools is a good choice? - "XDS100 Low-cost Debug Probe" Regards.
  14. You tried to put this variables as global?
  15. I tried solve the problem changing Stellarisware by Tivaware without put the "pre-defined name" The two initial errors was resolved, but appeared on new error: Description Resource Path Location Type #1965 cannot open source file "inc/lm4f120h5qr.h" main.c /sllogiclogger line 29 C/C++ Problem When I try exclude this "include" appear 90 new errors like: Description Resource Path Location Type #20 identifier "bool" is undefined main.c /sllogiclogger line 147, external location: C:\TivaWare_C_Series\driverlib\gpio.h C/C++ Problem Description Resource Path Location Type #20 ident
  16. Hi @@Lyon, i tried to put the other include but nothing happens. The same errors. can you upload your project to me?
  17. I tried to fix the error but new errors appeared. In the CCS I followed this sequence: Project > Properties > CCS Build > ARM Compiler > Advanced Options > Predefined Symbols > Pre-Defined NAMES (insert here "PART_LM4F120H5QR"). This is right? I'm using the Stellaris Launchpad, not Tiva. The CCS Before the changes: The CCS After the changes: Thanks.
  18. I'm trying to compile the code but I get these messages: - #20 identifier "GPIO_PA0_U0RX" is undefined - #20 identifier "GPIO_PA1_U0TX" is undefined I installed the StellarisWare, how do I fix this error?
  19. @@Lyon, I tested "__asm(" nop\n");" and worked well too, thanks.
  20. In the first time that I used "_nop_()", the command not worked and the CCS jumped the break point, but now worked well. One new question, when I started a new project (with StellarisWare) appears one warning "#10210-D creating ".stack" section with default size of 0x800; use the -stack option to change the default size". This warning doesn't appeared on the first test, what it means? I used this site as a guide for using the StellarisWare: hackaday.com/2012/10/14/using-stellarisware-with-the-launchpad/ Thanks for the help.
  21. I'm starting to learn the Stellaris programming. How I use the "no operration" or "noop" in the Stellaris. I'm using the CCS 5.5. In the MSP430 I use "_nop();", but in the Stellaris this code don't work. Thanks.
  22. I also bought a launchpad and is on the way. @@spirilis also have a sample of the F5659 does not seem so easy to assemble
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