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  1. ok, after trying out time.h, i realized that my computer is sending the time to the MSP430, which isn't something that I want. I need the MSP430 to independently keep track of time. I have a keypad and character LCD screen that can be used to input the current time when the msp is powered on. Is there anyway to write to time_t and just increment it every second.
  2. your "const time_t time = 1234; // Time in seconds" doesn't work It says "Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id declaration is incompatible with "time_t time(time_t *)" (declared at line 61 of "C:/Program Files (x86)/Texas Instruments/ccsv4/tools/compiler/msp430/include/time.h")"
  3. ok, sorry, but I'm new the C language, but what does the bt. and struct tm bt mean? Is time_t unix time? I found the header file in CSS. /*****************************************************************************/ /* time.h v5.2.10 */ /* Copyright (c) 1990-2011 Texas Instruments Incorporated */ /*****************************************************************************/ #ifndef _TIME #define _TIME #include #define CLOCKS_PER_SEC 1000 #ifndef NULL #define NULL 0 #endif #ifdef __cplusplu
  4. mktime() does that oh... is there an example where someone uses time.h on an msp so I can understand time.h better?
  5. I see how time.h can turn unix time to local time, but can it do local time to unix time, where send it the day year min hours etc.. and it returns the unix time. This is how how I count seconds using the 32.768kHz ACLK. Timer B is set up to trigger an interrupt every 1 second and it increments the unix timer. I have a gui that the user will enter the current local time in and the microprocessor would convert it to unix time to make triggering timed events easier. I already know the easy part of find the current seconds of the day just by doing the code below: seconds = UTC_count %
  6. uh... I have a book by Chris Nagy, and it calls it UTC time, but after reading up about unix time, I guess that the better name of what I'm using. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_time
  7. I'm trying to figure out to convert UTC time, which the time in seconds since midnight January 1, 1970, to calendar time and vice versa, but I can't quite figure out the algorithm. I'm using an MSP430F149 with a 32.768kHz ACLK to count seconds. I'm sure someone has figured this out before. Know where I can find it? edit: When i say calendar time i mean in this format: Year, Month, Day of the week, date, hour, minutes, seconds.
  8. What are some good soldering techniques for soldering an MSP430F149 to a green board. Also what are the differences between the PM, PMG4, PMR, and PMRG4 packages listed on ti's website.
  9. Anyone know where i can find an example of someone using timer A capture on an MSP430. I'm trying to count the frequency of a flow meter. By know the frequency of the square wave it's outputting, I can determine the speed of the water.
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