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    benbergman got a reaction from jsolarski in Having trouble compiling cap touch booster pack demo with mspgcc   
    Here is the demo code, straight from TI's website[1]. I was trying to compile the files found in /Source/CapTouch_BoosterPack_UserExperience/ as they appeared to be what comes on the chip with the booster pack.
    This is the makefile I was trying[2]. The only real changes I made to the make file were adding all the .c files to the sources line and changing the references to reflect my particular chip. The includes in the source were also changed. I tried refering to my particular chip as well as the generic msp430.h but got the same errors.
    When I get home, I can send the exact files I was trying with, including the modifications.
    [1]http://www.ti.com/litv/zip/slac490 from http://www.ti.com/tool/430boost-sense1
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