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  1. Will this library + examples work with the new MSP432 launchpad when coupled with the 430BOOST-SENSE1 boosterpack? It seems the 432 has cap sensing on all GPIO.
  2. I'm working on a board that will use an MSP430 to drive a number of WS2811 LEDs based on commands sent to it over I2C plus a single capacitive touch sensor. With the tight timing requirements, is it still possible to run I2C slave and capsense functions while writing to the LEDs? Likely the LEDs will only update after one of these is detected, but I might have functionality where these inputs affect a constantly running pattern.
  3. Thanks for looking into this. That CCS/IAR compatibility header sounds mighty useful. Do you have a link where I could download it?
  4. Here is the demo code, straight from TI's website[1]. I was trying to compile the files found in /Source/CapTouch_BoosterPack_UserExperience/ as they appeared to be what comes on the chip with the booster pack. This is the makefile I was trying[2]. The only real changes I made to the make file were adding all the .c files to the sources line and changing the references to reflect my particular chip. The includes in the source were also changed. I tried refering to my particular chip as well as the generic msp430.h but got the same errors. When I get home, I can send the exact files I w
  5. I'm relatively new to msp430 dev. I'm on Linux and intend to use mspgcc as my compiler. I see the demo code for the cap touch booster pack has a directory for CCS and IAR, but no makefile or anything for gcc. I found a generic msp430 makefile and added all the source files from the demo to it. I'm using the msp430g2152 and have updated all references accordingly. I'm still getting a bunch of errors like CapTouchBoosterPack_UserExperience.c|172| relocation truncated to fit: R_MSP430_16 against symbol `TimerA_UART_tx' defined in .text section in uart.o CapTouchBoosterPack_UserExperience.
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