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    xxx1 reacted to RobG in Kester 979 flux   
    I will have gallon of Kester 979 flux, but that is way too much for me and I want to sell most of it at cost.
    979 is a replacement for 971, and is an awesome flux. It's VOC free, huge plus if you do your SMT work at home. 
    16oz(1 pint) is $5 plus shipping (US only,) which should be around $5 as well.
    I may also do 8oz, which should be ~$6 shipped (US only.)
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    xxx1 reacted to zeke in Free shipping at Arrow, including Launchpads and dev kits   
    I have always paid duty, taxes and brokerage fees on FedEx International Economy shipments.
    If you ship FedEx International Priority then those fees are rolled up into the upfront shipping price.
    There's no way around it. Time = money.
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    xxx1 reacted to cde in Free shipping at Arrow, including Launchpads and dev kits   
    Applies to FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, USPS First Class Mail and FedEx International Economy only.
    I wonder what the Customs fee would be though. Some info says Fedex Int Economy has no brokerage fee.
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in Free shipping at Arrow, including Launchpads and dev kits   
    Good to use if you want to escape the $7 TI Store shipping.
    No code needed.
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    xxx1 reacted to vinicius.jlantunes in Great deals in the TI Store Celebrating Engineers Week!   
    Got an email yesterday about some deals TI is offering this week. The MSP432 launchpad is selling by USD 4.32 again, plus some other cool stuff.
    I am tempted by a CC3200 LP, but I think I have to stop kidding myself and do something with the stack of LP's I already have before buying more...
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in TI-EStore New Year   
    Details on the blog.
    Coupon: 432@432
    Shipping is flat $7, but you can order a maximum of 100 boards.
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in 2015 Black Friday/Thanksgiving Deal List   
    Leatherman Skeletool - $30 Free shipping from Home Depot. Normally $42.75
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in 2015 Black Friday/Thanksgiving Deal List   
    Screwdrivers, Wire Strippers, Cable Cutters & More for Free After Rebate + S&H @ TigerDirect.com
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    xxx1 got a reaction from enl in 2015 Black Friday/Thanksgiving Deal List   
    Another one:

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    xxx1 got a reaction from bluehash in 2015 Black Friday/Thanksgiving Deal List   
    Another one:

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    xxx1 reacted to RobG in MSP430 deals   
    MSP430F5500IRG for < $1  (11.14.2015)
    MSP430F5325IPN $1.50
    MSP430G2212IN20 $0.37
    MSP430G2111IPW14 $0.21
    MSP430G2001IPW14R $0.23
    MSP430G2201IPW14R $0.32
    MSP430G2553IPW20R <$1.50
    MSP430F5436IPZ $3.20
    Many more:
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    xxx1 got a reaction from bluehash in 2015 Black Friday/Thanksgiving Deal List   
    @@bluehash I was reading your post and I saw this:
    70% Off http://www.monoprice.com/pages/black_friday_2015_wk2
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in Maker Select 3D printer - Good starter printer - $350   
    Just caught this on Slickdeals. Many say that this is a good starter bot with minimal setup time. I don't own one though.
    Available on Monoprice for $350, free shipping. Bed is ~8x8x7in
    Via Slickdeals

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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in 2015 Black Friday/Thanksgiving Deal List   
    If you find any good deals, please add them here. You could also start your own thread and add it here, so members get a notification of they subscribe to this thread.
    I'll start with a few Amazon ones/
    1. MSP430 Deals (Thanks Robg)
    2. 20% Off Extech Instruments
    3. 15% Off Select Akro Mils Storage Systems
    4. 70% Off Monoprice (Thanks Pyroster)
    5. 20% Off sitewide ICStation (Thanks Pyroster)
    6. Sparkfun's Cyber Monday  sale (Thanks dubnet)
    7. Saelig's Cyber Week sale (Thanks enl)
    8. Screwdrivers, Wire Strippers, Cable Cutters & More for Free After Rebate + S&H @ TigerDirect.com
    9. Leatherman Skeletool - $30 Free shipping from Home Depot.
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in Oct 2015 - 43oh Halloween Contest is now open   
    More detail in the POTM sub-forum thread - Oct 2015 - 43oh Halloween Contest
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in Amazon Warehouse $10 Off $50. Lots of soldering stuff.   
    Link to Amazon Warehouse Deals. Use coupon WD1STTIME for $10 off $50.
    X-TRONIC" MODEL #4010-XTS - 4000 SERIES - SMD - ESD SAFE - NEW Centigrade/Fahrenheit Switch - Digital Soldering Iron Station - 10 SOLDERING TIPS - 1 EXTRA HEATING ELEMENT - 1 ANTI-MAGNETIC TWEEZERS - 1 5X MAGNIFYING LAMP!!! 2in1 878ad Rework Soldering Station Iron Welder Hot Air Gun & Tip 640w with Iron & Heat Gun Holders Brand New in Box by RFA   Search for more here.
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in New MSP-EXP430FR6989 128KB FRAM Launchpad Discounted to $13.99   
    TI E-Store buy link.
    @@spirilis was the first to find it. MSP430 E2E blog announce.
    43oh blog announce.
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in WIZwiki-W7500 Free Sample   
    You have to fill a form.
    See quoted text.
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in Sears $9.99 Crafsman Multimeter Deal   
    Sears has an 8 function and 20 range digital multimeter for $9.99, from the usual $19.99. Shipping is free if you pick up in store or $5.99 shipped.
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    xxx1 reacted to spirilis in MSP-FET for $43+shipping for 4/30 day   
    eStore code "FET43" - https://twitter.com/TXInstruments/status/593792328831279104
    Link to product: https://store.ti.com/msp-fet.aspx?DCMP=ep-mcu-msp-mcugen-en&HQS=ep-mcu-msp-mcugen-twit-storeevm-msp-fet-en(discount shows in cart when code is applied)
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in $10 2.4" Color LCD Nextion: a cost-effective high-performance TFT HM   
    On Indiegogo. I got the $10 one. Worth a try for that price. 260 remaining when I ordered mine.
    Nextion: a cost-effective high-performance TFT HMI


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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in Silicon Labs EFM8 microcontroller. Free if you poll.   
    Webinar registration link.
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    xxx1 reacted to spirilis in [Energia Library] RF430CL - TI NFC RF430CL330H library   
    I have a library I've been working on for the past month or so to give Energia and Arduino users intuitive access to the TI RF430CL330H series of NFC transponders.
    This library is composed of two logical sections:
    1. The RF430 class which defines and manages a physical RF430CL330H NFC transponder over I2C using the "Wire" library
    2. The NDEF class system which allows users to conceptually define and manage NFC NDEF data records, importing & exporting them
    The NDEF class and subclasses (so far NDEF_URI, NDEF_TXT being the only RTD-specific subclasses implemented) maintain buffers for storing the NDEF "Type" field (a character string), "ID" field (optional, character string) and the actual payload.  The class is designed to be flexible so the user has to provide the buffer space (and maximum buffer size) for storing the Type, ID and Payload information, but some of the subclasses (and soon the base class) support defining those buffers as immutable data types (e.g. const uint8_t [] or const char [] arrays) for export usage only.
    For importing & exporting, the NDEF class and all subclasses have two methods:
    .sendTo(Stream &, boolean Message_Begin=true, boolean Message_End=true)
    .import(Stream &)
    sendTo writes byte-for-byte the physical NDEF record associated with that object's current state, returning an integer equal to the exact length (in bytes) of the NDEF binary record.  The two boolean arguments allow the user to customize the setting of the MB and ME bits in the NDEF header byte to support having multiple NDEF records in a single NFC memory segment.  If those boolean arguments are omitted, they default to "true" so the NDEF record will be written with both MB and ME bits set (typical usage for an NFC transponder housing only a single NDEF record).
    import uses the read() and readBytes() feature of the Stream object supplied to read, byte for byte, and analyze (rejecting by returning -1 if read errors or for RTD-specific sub-classes, if the header or structure of the record does not match the appropriate NDEF RTD type) and import the data.  Buffers must be defined for the NDEF object using .setPayloadBuffer(<buf>, <maxlen>) and for the base (generic) NDEF class, .setTypeBuffer() and optionally .setIDBuffer() so the import function has a place to store the TYPE and (optionally, if present, i.e. the "ID" bit is set in the NDEF header byte) ID strings.
    The RF430 class (which references the hardware) has an internal counter and I/O system which implements Arduino's "Stream" interface, so it's a valid target for the NDEF sendTo & import functions.  There are functions for changing/resetting the internal "pointer" as well as informing the RF430 library how much NDEF data is there (this must be set, or else any NFC master going to read or write to the transponder will error).
    Several examples are provided illustrating the use of the RF430 and NDEF classes and typical application program flow.  IRQ support is there, with the ability to detect whether an NFC master (e.g. cellphone) has read from the RF430CL330H recently, or has written a new record or series of records to the RF430CL330H's SRAM.
    There is still more work to be done to enable simpler and better-managed generic NFC importers, and I would like to make an NDEF subclass that eases the use of custom/externally-defined RTD types.
    As of now, this does not support the TRF7970A in any way.  In theory, I could support it in the future with the NDEF class infrastructure provided here.  The RF430CL330H is a whole lot simpler/easier to understand IMO.  I have been testing this with the F5529LP and DLP-RF430BP boosterpack.
    Here's a zip of the current codebase (from git as of 2/26/2015) - RF430CL_02262015.zip
    And here's one of the examples, illustrating how to write "Hello World" to the RF430CL330H and use Energia's Low-Power-Mode support (suspend() aka LPM4) to put the host MCU in deep sleep, waking up only when the RF430 sees an NFC master read or write to it:
    /* HelloWorld - NFC edition * Written for the TI RF430CL330H with Energia * * Showcases Low-Power Sleep modes in Energia and IRQ-driven wakeup of * the MCU based on RF430CL330H IRQs. * * 2/25/2015 Eric Brundick */ #include <Wire.h> #include <RF430CL.h> #include <NDEF.h> #include <NDEF_TXT.h> #define RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_RESET_PIN 8 #define RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_IRQ_PIN 12 RF430 nfc(RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_RESET_PIN, RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_IRQ_PIN); void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); delay(1000); Serial.println("Hello World - NFC edition!"); Serial.println("Here we will post the text \"Hello World\" to the RF430CL330H."); Serial.println("Initializing I2C and RF430CL330H-"); Wire.begin(); // Initialize I2C subsystem nfc.begin(); // Format RF430CL330H, prepare for data // Register interrupt to wake MCU when RF430CL330H INTO (IRQ) line triggers attachInterrupt(RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_IRQ_PIN, wake_up, FALLING); Serial.println("Creating NFC NDEF_TXT object-"); NDEF_TXT helloWorld("en", "Hello World"); // English Serial.println("Posting to RF430CL330H-"); size_t ndef_size; ndef_size = helloWorld.sendTo(nfc); // Write NDEF data to NFC device memory nfc.setDataLength(ndef_size); // Inform NFC device memory how much data is there Serial.println("Activating RF430CL330H RF link-"); nfc.enable(); // Now we're live! } void loop() { if (nfc.loop()) { if (nfc.wasRead()) { Serial.println("Something has read the NFC device!"); } if (nfc.available()) { Serial.println("Something has re-written the NFC device!"); nfc.flush(); } nfc.enable(); // If nfc.loop() returns true, it will have disabled the RF link as a side-effect. } Serial.println("<low power sleep>"); Serial.flush(); // wait for unsent UART data to flush out before going into low-power sleep suspend(); // Enter indefinite sleep (LPM4 on MSP430, DEEPSLEEP on ARM) Serial.println("<wake up>"); } void wake_up() { wakeup(); // Signal Energia to wake the MCU upon IRQ exit }
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    xxx1 got a reaction from bluehash in Limited offer*: $200 off TI Store price of new DLP   
    For a limited time, receive a $200 discount on the new DLP LightCrafter
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    xxx1 reacted to bluehash in Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RL78/G13   
    Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RL78/G13 free with company email. Enjoy!
    More detail:

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