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    This is a collection that started some good 15-20 years ago with a friend that went to engineering school. Then her brother who also went to the same school inherited it all, who then gave it to me as he was moving to a smaller apartment.
    So the other day I needed something and saw that pile of circuits. Reluctantly I set off to organize that mess and compiled a list of the 1341 individual circuits. There are many that could probably go to a museum, such as the 80161 microprocessor, but there are also many other circuits that may still be useful to someone.
    I don't like seeing all this stuff laying around, not being put to good use. So I will donate most of the items if anyone is interested - you would only need to pay for the shipping. I live in Brazil, but can probably ship small quantities in envelopes for about US$ 5-10 to most places.
    Depending on the item (if I realize it holds significant value) we may trade it for something else, including money ;-)
    But I think for the most part, items will go for free if there are people interested.
    There are some parts I could not identify - those are marked with question marks (?) on the list. If anyone would fancy googling a bit more than the 30 seconds I spent per item to find out what it is... I appreciate. I can take pictures of unidentified IC's if anyone would like.
    Some pictures are attached.

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