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  1. I am working on making a robot that has two Darlington pairs controlling the motors. I was wondering if anyone can show me a script that will be able to activate the Darlington Pairs. I will also plan on having photo resistors between the base of the Darlington and the ground wires so that it responds to light. Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. Hmm. The code loaded correctly, but the ping sensor's LED isn't showing that it is working. Also, how can I get the measurements from the ping sensor to a LCD display or my PC? Thanks!!
  3. Ah, yes! I didn't see that! Thanks a million! That worked. By the way what exactly is the difference between a 1mhz and a 16 mhz. Does that have to do with the amount of space a chip can hold?
  4. Technically I didn't get it online. I opened up the Arduino programmer and went to File > Examples > 06 Sensors > Ping. That is how I found it. In the code example it gives this URL: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Ping I hope that helps!
  5. I have zippo programming experience. I will check out C++. Thanks!
  6. I am running into space issues. I used the Arduino Ping example and it says that I am 46 Bytes over on the rom. How can I fix this? Do I need to streamline the code? By the way I have a MSP430G2553 IC on the board. Thanks in advance! -DogLover
  7. Hi all! I decided to check out Energia after seeing this video: It looks like a great thing! I have no experience at programming microcontrollers (Of any kind) and I am hoping that this will be a great way to get started! I got a lot to learn about C++ but I hope that I can pick it up. -DogLover
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