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  1. I will not maintain this mod. You can delete/hide the thread.
  2. OK, sounds fair. BTW, I tried to fork it in github, but it redirects me to the Arduino fork, I tried couple of minutes without finding any quick way to make a new fork from a forked project, so I just downloaded the source.
  3. OK I understand these reasons, and make sense to me. I tried to make them -Arduino- to include small fixes (or report them) for the annoyances for years, so at the end I needed to make this. So, I will try now to send the OS agnostic fixes to energia github. The main issue is some of the things are exclusivelly annoyances for Windows users, inherited from Arduino, so for example the dll for rxtx, icons, drivers. This factor guided me to add some exclusive non portable things like the library manager (because 'why the hell I will lose weeks and weeks in java if they never in 4 years fixed t
  4. This page is basically just a list of the things I added, I am not stealing somebody's credit at all, if someone like one of these items in the list they usually send a donation (Arduino version is downloaded 40 times a day and I received around $100 every 12 months so it is just a fun fact only). I am not sure if you checked the original code, but Energia is 99% arduino code, so I don't quite understand your point. Short story, bought a cheap launchpad and ported my mod so I can feel comfortable using it then shared it here. If is not proper by some rule, I am ok if some admin wants to del
  5. I am not quite sure how this will add work, the last release I see here is from 8 months ago. I can add some disclaimer if that makes you feel better. I am not saying this version is official or anything. All the changes are here: https://github.com/eried/Arduino/commits/master (C#, java, etc) I am still trying to upload the rest of the files to Energia repository. I don't like a lot working on java, so since this is fueled by passion I use c#.
  6. My idea is to keep it up to date versus the arduino IDE. So when I update the Arduino version I can sync this one too. I am not sure what will happen with 1.5 because I am still waiting for that one. My original idea was to bundle the 2 environment (some of the fixes will be on Teensy version of the Arduino IDE too, so maybe the same ide can include N profiles, but since the tools in Energia are so massive and most of the arduino users don't require them I decided to compile this as standalone)
  7. OK, I tested it and works wonderfully on my machines, as I said I didn't compiled the hardware folder, just used the official one pre-compiled. I ordered a launchpad that's mainly why I did this.
  8. What fixes for example? I downloaded the last github but didn't compiled the c++ part, only the java things. And the C# stuff is just for some minor add-ons like the driver installer and the library manager.
  9. Hey thanks! I opened energia and saw all the old Arduino problems :/ so it was a bit depressing and I needed to port all the code Sure, this is not for all users. Good thing is you can download the zip always :grin: All started because I reported some of the issues (and fixed them, and waited years watching users complain over and over in the forum) specially drivers, #5 and #6 but arduino team never fixed them so I decided to start keeping my own version updated for Windows people. In fact, do you know that the Arduino IDE when detects Windows uses Short 8.3 names, but with a pre
  10. I am uploading the source, it is very big but it is based on http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,118440.0.html
  11. [ ADMIN - Please see this thread by admin and response by thread author about mod updates. ] NOTE: This is NOT the official Energia release. Report here the problems you find using this mod. Don't nag anyone else. ____________________________________________ Hello there! this is a tweaked Energia IDE (Arduino version here), don't lose time setting up anything, Java or the drivers, just use this fully automated installer. Plus, you get a improved experience (and extra time to think in sending me a little tip :wave:) Download (2013-02-09): Soon? maybe? http://static.themetapicture.com/m
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