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  1. @@Fred There's code in MSPWare too but that did not compile using CCS6 (code size limit). NFC did not show any errors but when I placed the phone on the BP this 'found-removed' loop started again, no sounds from the phone. Rather tricky this NFC stuff it seems. The goal is to send data to the phone and do the presentation there. Maybe I give up on that and go BT. @@led Sorry, no Energia code here. Oppa is my good old account and OppaErich is it when I log in via Google login.
  2. Hi, just some positive feedback. I've moved from Debian to Fedora 21. Using the Fedora toolchain installed via yum and Juno the plugin works fine. Indigo crashed during startup probably due to Java 8 being default for Fedora 21. Thanks, Stephan
  3. Should've read the doc first. There were precompiled binaries for F5529 too. Had to download a flashing tool too because there is some kind of new FET on the F5529LP too. The adhesive tag that came with the booster pack works fine but the Mifare 1k tags I have and NFC to my phone does not. With these the GUI goes into a loop: Tag found - tag removed. Cheers, Stephan
  4. Argh, sorry. I read something about 'drag onto Applications folder'. But that's for MAC, I don't know MACs and Ubuntu. Then it's up to you to decide where to put it. I use $HOME/bin for stuff that doesn't come in via the package management. Open a Terminal: cd mkdir bin cd bin tar -xvzf ../Downloads/energia-0101E0014-linux64.tgz . # <- the dots in front and the dot at the end are important ln -sf energia-0101E0014 energia # <- optional - creates a 'symlink' called energia pointing to the actual directory cd (YOUR_FAVOURITE_EDITOR) .bash_profile # and add or mod
  5. http://energia.nu/guide/guide_linux/ There's a lot more than just "download it".
  6. I recommend using Eclipse, GNU compiler, mspdebug and the fine Eclipse plugin by xpg. You run Mint already so most of this is just a sudo apt-get install away. Enjoy ! Gr
  7. Well, for some reason this is working now. Still siduction but a fresh install - I bought a SSD.
  8. These two frequencies are a bit more than 5% off. This should work without modifications. Surely not optimized but nothing will break.
  9. Aha, no buy then. :thumbup: Thank you !
  10. I guess Linux in Vitualbox won't work because of timing critical IO ?
  11. Where did you hide the cam ? I stole those jumpers from my very first PC MB.
  12. I did an update on saturday, there were updates for XDS100 too.
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