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  1. Hi, I tried your code, but i am a truly newbie for this. How to use the resistor divider for the echo pin? Do you mind posting the schematic diagram of your circuit? Thank you so much~
  2. My LM1117 is a fixed output regulator.. hehe... Add resistors to the LDO means? ;-)
  3. Haha, thanks, I love my profile pic also.. =P The datasheet stated the receiver can take 2.5 to 5.5V as supply voltage, but hmm.... i am gonna try what RobG suggested, use TSOP38238 instead. Or make a 3.6V voltage regulator instead. :grin:
  4. oh I see.... Thanks a lot~ :grin:
  5. Ir detector used is TSOP1138G.. When the voltage supply is 3.3V, it stop reacting. ;-) Image URL: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B99ulSKog4W4UFJPVHc3ODV3UkE/edit
  6. Hi, I just encounter an interesting problem.. haha.. When I use 3.6V as my Vcc (connected from the launch pad), it work just fine, but when i supply the Vcc using 3.3V voltage regulator(LM1117), it doesn't work.. Does the 0.3V really makes the difference? ;-) Best Regards, Kent
  7. haha... thanks... :grin:
  8. Ermm.... RobG, would you like to share with us why u masked the device number using 0x001F instead of 0x007F? I thought there are 7 command bit? =)
  9. Really appreciate it. You are the best RobG~!! =D
  10. Hi, wow~ you are real code master, no wonder you got the award of code Guru. Thanks a lot!! =D Can I ask you a question? If I want to make the LED toggle only once for each key pressed, how should it be implemented in the code? Cheerful regards, Kent =)
  11. Hi Robg, Can you post the alternative code for it to work. I am still at the stage of learning MSP, so it is very much appreciated if you would like to post it. =) Warm Regards, Kent
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