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  1. After searching: Use: #include <stdio.h> //require for sprintf char buffer[]; value=50; sprintf(buffer,"R:%ld",value); drawString(x, y, buffer);
  2. For Everyone: To improve the performance of Sparkfun LCD BreakBoard color with Nokia 6100 (11062) with the controller PCF8833, you must change the operating mode to 16bits. Below is some information with pictures of how to make this change and how to set PCF8833. colorLCD.h colorLCD.c: Now you had a much better performance of colors, colors more vibrant and visible on the screen. Have fun.
  3. To write the text I do drawString (x, y, "text") but how do I write here instead of a text that I have a variable in the program after a calculation processing.
  4. I managed to fix, I made a new configuration for the PCF8833 now he is running in 16-bit is much better colors, then step guidelines on how to do this.
  5. Hey i try put setColor16(COLOR_16_GREEN); drawString(5, 5, "TESTE TESTE TESTE"); and i see RED COLOR IN LCD o.O OMG what is happening? Will the color mapping for the PCF8833 is wrong?
  6. worked, now only thing I'm finding strange is that the screen light starts strong and go weakening, will not give up almost to see some information about light? color problem mbed version: msp430 version: why bad color in msp 430?
  7. i try connect CS - P1.0 SCK - P1.5 DIO - P1.7 i solve the _delay_cycles problem but not working i see only dark blue screen. damn need help.
  8. still did not work here. Someone help me?
  9. Building configuration: Nokia6100 - Debug Updating build tree... colorLCD.c Warning[Pe223]: function "_delay_cycles" declared implicitly C:\Users\Cesar Corsico\Dropbox\UFPR 2012-2\TE124\MSP430-cesar\MSP430-cesar\workspace001\Nokia6100\colorLCD.c 804 main.c Warning[Pa050]: non-native end of line sequence detected (this diagnostic is only issued once) C:\Users\Cesar Corsico\Dropbox\UFPR 2012-2\TE124\MSP430-cesar\MSP430-cesar\workspace001\Nokia6100\main.c 1 Warning[Pe223]: function "_delay_cycles" declared implicitly C:\Users\Cesar Corsico\Dropbox\UFPR 2012-2\TE124\MSP430-cesar\MSP430-ces
  10. I think my problem is the same stupidity. what is the sequence of msp430 pins CS SCK DIO RESET ? basic i change comment line in colorlcd.h #define PCF8833 // use for 6100 because i use 6100, and try connect My problem is that the connection pins think, what is the correct sequence? I'm going to class as soon as you get home testo again with the correct pin this time, if someone pass me the correct course sequence. excuse the inconvenience.
  11. Someone used in Color LCD - Breakout Board (LCD-11062) of SparkFun? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11062 I had problems to compile and use in this shield! Someone could tell me more informations about use this shield? Thx
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