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  1. Dumpster diving is illegal here. Lots of people put useful items by the curb with a free sign. I used to put free stuff on Craigslist but that attracts to many hoarders. Now I put a price and don't take any money when someone values item enough to pick it up.
  2. Greetings from California. Welcome forum.43oh.com.
  3. I think the blade should be wet, but what about the PCB?
  4. GeekDoc---------1-------USA-----Clear LariSan---------1-------USA-----Black wpaulson--------1-------USA-----Black oPossum---------1-------USA-----Black johnnyb---------1-------USA-----Black
  5. Nice board. I like both of those solutions but find I use the few female-male jumpers I have or make one by joining a female-female and male-male jumper.
  6. I appreciate you offering deals to the community. I'm still working my way up Joe tinkerer.
  7. There is no beginning. One starts where ever they are. Can one use a computer running Linux or Windows? Can one plug in a cable without directions? Can one program in any computer language? There are far too many prerequisites to have a true beginning. I find there is so much to learn I often don't pick up many of the subtleties offered in a particular lesson. Doing them again can lead to new insights as I grow in understanding of the material presented.
  8. Do you have more advise on choosing and using an IR receiver? In particular for getting a receiver that can read at distance and not be filtered by carrier modulation.
  9. I am starting to search for this information. As a noob it would be awesome to find someone's wisdom on what components and even tools one should consider getting for MSP430 examples. I suppose I should search for general electronics beginner kits too.
  10. Boy howdy CCS takes a while to install. I thought it was hung at first. Glad I didn't wait for my LaunchPad to arrive to install. I would not get to play with it tonight. My favorite editor is vi. Maybe that dates me a bit. I figure I'll be running examples for a while and easiest for that is a worth while quality. I expect I'll end up on CodeSourcery based on what a friend uses even if only for Stellaris/ARM when I get there.
  11. I came here via JP1 remote controls, Glow with the Show Mickey ears, and BCS brewtroller. Desired projects include IR communication and learning general micro controller function. Waiting for LaunchPads to arrive I need to pick an IDE....
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