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  1. Can I get the MK2 Educational BoosterPack & Renesas Kits.
  2. Hi All! I have a sharp memory LCD boosterpack and Tiva Lauchpad. How can i use LCD with Tiva. Because i saw schematic BoosterPack and i found that SPI, which will be used for LCD don't same Tiva. How can i use it. Please help me Thanks everyone.
  3. Hello everyone. I have a TM4C129X Development Kit, but i don't use it. Who want to buy it, please contact me at: trungkiena6@gmail.com Price: TM4C129X: 125usd Sensor Hub: 30 usd Thanks everyone
  4. @bluehash, i need it. i'm learning ARM Ti. I'm beginner. I'm from VietNam
  5. Hello everyone. i have a project with TLC59116F, but my project can't run. It is my code. P/s: Thanks aBUGSworstnightmare with I2C API /****************************************************************************** * * Module : TLC59116F_TEST * Description : TLC59116F * Tool : KEIL * Chip : Stellaris * History : * Version : * * Author : BTK * Notes : None, * *****************************************************************************/ /****************************************************************************** * IMPORT ***********************************
  6. Hi! holewheat. Can you share me about your schematic with Led Cube Boosterpack. It's very fantastic! Thank you so much and God bless with you
  7. Hello everybody. I read an example code MSP430G2553 about SPI, But i can't know how it run, and how i can test SPI in it. Please help me. My code: #include <msp430.h> int main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer while (!(P1IN & BIT4)); // If clock sig from mstr stays low, // it is not yet in SPI mode P1SEL = BIT1 + BIT2 + BIT4; P1SEL2 = BIT1 + BIT2 + BIT4; UCA0CTL1 = UCSWRST; // **Put state machine in reset** UCA0CTL0 |= UCCKPL + UCMSB + UCSYNC;
  8. Hi everybody! I have received NRF24L01, i want to find library for it. But i can't find it. Do you have it. please share me. Thank everybody
  9. Error: driver STLink when install, my computer can't find it. plus STM32F4Discovery into USB, debug STlink in Keil can't do.
  10. Hello everyone, i have buy STM32F4 Discovery, but my computer run Win8, i can't install STLink driver for my computer, please help me Thanks and regards.
  11. I think you should use CCS. Because all example you can get at TI web. Write code by CCS
  12. Thank about your qs. I found it. ^^.
  13. // Display the example setup on the console. // UARTprintf("16-Bit Timer Interrupt ->"); UARTprintf("\n Timer = Timer0B"); UARTprintf("\n Mode = Periodic"); UARTprintf("\n Number of interrupts = %d", NUMBER_OF_INTS); UARTprintf("\n Rate = 1ms\n\n"); I don't know what code will do. UARTprintf . Thank admin
  14. This is example code #include "inc/hw_memmap.h" #include "inc/hw_types.h" #include "inc/hw_timer.h" #include "inc/hw_ints.h" #include "driverlib/timer.h" #include "driverlib/interrupt.h" #include "driverlib/sysctl.h" #include "driverlib/gpio.h" #include "utils/uartstdio.h" //***************************************************************************** // //! \addtogroup timer_examples_list //! 16-Bit Periodic Timer (periodic_16bit) //! //! This example shows how to configure Timer0B as a periodic timer with an //! interrupt triggering every 1ms. After a certain number of interrupts, the
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