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  1. Hi, I have created my library inspired to fatihinanc's code. Now it's only working on 2X16 display LCD and it have some methods like Arduino's Liquid Crystal to be more likeable. I hope you'll like it. At the following link you can find the project... and here some info.
  2. I hope this is the right section . Hello everyone. I wanted to join the community and present my latest project "CharlieSt Shield", a boosterpack with a matrix charlieplex and additional buttons for Stellaris Launchpad. The design has been created to extend the hardware available on the launchpad, the slits allow to observe the led RGB and to use the existing buttons. The hardware used is the minimum possible, the PCB is simple to implement and it isn't particularly complex to produce. Everything is place symmetrically, for easier access and visualization. I started the developm
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