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  1. Hi, I am trying to send some data that I receive from an IR remote using a 2231 launchpad to another one using a 2553 which is used to drive an addressable RGB strip. I cannot use interupts on the 2553 as this would mess up the communication to the strip so my idea is to deal with the IR remote on one chip and send some commands to the other one to affect the way the strip is managed (colour change, ...) through SPI with no interupt. I arranged to have this working between two 2231 but I have an issue when using the USCI in the 2553 as slave (receiving). The code I used for the receiv
  2. That was sku 111682, unfortunately now sold out :-( I don't know if they have a similar strip, I keep looking but cannot find one. These ones were good. H3rv3
  3. I bought some addressable RGB Leds from Dealextreme and instead of the expected WS2801 chip, they came with TLS3008 drivers (8bit control for each colour, single wire, different protocol from WS2811 too). It took some time with the osciloscope to get the timing right but this now works perfect. This is in C rahter than assembly but I can get a decent update rate. I do not work with the full 50 Leds as there is not enough RAM in the chip I use (2231) but I tried looping the code to work with the full length, that worked ok except on one set of Leds which was sometimes lagging, I think that thi
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