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  1. Hi all, I'm working on a simple alarm clock with an RGB 16x2 LCD display as a learning vehicle for the MSP430/LaunchPad and Energia. This thread has been awesome -- many thanks to xv4y and grahamf72 for posting their code! I needed a more full-functioned calendar than what Graham had posted in RTCplus.zip on 1/29 (I haven't checked out his latest update in the "Libraries" section yet), so I took a slightly different tack and used Yan's timer code to create a simple RTC library that can be used to synchronize with the Time.h (and TimeAlarm.h) Arduino libraries here: http://playground.
  2. Hi all, I found this site after ordering an MSP430 Launchpad from TI a couple of weeks ago. I have some background in EE, but I'm completely new to microcontrollers (picking it up as a hobby in the hopes it might get my daughters interested in building things with me :thumbup: ). The forums here have been an amazing resource -- every issue I've run into, I find that someone has already solved it and posted. It's much appreciated, and I hope eventually I'm able to contribute and help others as well. - Jesh
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