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  1. It`s hard to guess the datasheet for the diodes. The best thing if you want to make a good remote is to get some (I use 5mm) with datasheets and then calibrate your resistor and delay`s to get a maximum range and accuracy. Yes that whould be a nice one. The ones in the first link are 3mm and without specs.
  2. It depends on what type of IR led you are using. I burned a few of them trying to get maximum range for my nikon dslr remote project.
  3. How did you use it in the arduino example? Did you use a transistor there? Did you try to modify the delay settings?
  4. Tell us more about the hardware you are using. And where do you get the power from (3v or 5v) on the same layout? Arduino uses supply voltage of 5v and the msp430 3.6v max. Have you modified the ir lib`s in energia in any way? Have you tried modifying the delay?
  5. I tested a little with the ir receiver and build a small robot proto using the launchpad, 2 motors(different types, i didn`t have 2 of the same kind) some old 6v battery, a l293 and TSOP31238 :grin: PS: I used energia for coding. I`m working on v2, so it can learn new ir commands from any remote you have around without havng to remap the commands every time you switch the remote. And building a transceiver witch can turn all things @ with only 1 remote from @ the corner ~ some kind of a relay. Meanwhile got a new ideea, how about i control the little robot over the internet w
  6. Rob is right. It get`s as stable as it can be even with a filtered lab power supply and low tolerance resistors. As Rob said . You will have to go with another mcu or go digital for your application, my opinion.
  7. From the picture i guess it is a 1602a here is the datasheet of that : http://www.openhacks.com/uploadsproductos/eone-1602a1.pdf I suggest you use energia for a quick example, it explains in the code how to make the connections. For the connections i soldered male headers and inserted them in the breadboard.
  8. Still floating +/- 3 and 4. Maybe if reading multiple values and comparing them to take the logical decision? PS : i`m trying now to put 2 resistors instead of pot (maybe it`s not so accurate making noise). Feedback: still same result with the 2 resistors instead of pot. Maybe adding a filter will do the trick.
  9. Tried RobG examples. It seems to stop floating ~=5 bit but your measurement will be 0-31. Maybe a logic decision in the script will do the trick. Here is the 7bit example: And the 5 bit example:
  10. I don`t exactly understand your question but you can make a transceiver between 2 microcontrollers. I dont know why would you want to transmit and receive at the same time data on the same uC it is like if (1==1) loop, if you want to use ir for sensing you can use adc ex: a photoresistor or phototransistor and a ir led. Regards, Mihai
  11. You need to modify IRremote.cpp under "\hardware\msp430\libraries\IRremote". After the TIMER_PIN_SELECT(); Comment these lines : // pinMode(TIMER_PWM_PIN, OUTPUT); // digitalWrite(TIMER_PWM_PIN, LOW); // When not sending PWM, we want it low The pin output is P2_3. For the demo you need to send something on serial to transmit. PS: Tested and working IRrecv and IRsend with 2xmsp430g2553. Hope it helps, Have fun
  12. Great job with this, very intuitive naming and faster setup time.
  13. Thank you for the info. Great job btw on your code with the interrupt sorry for the delay i had to work.
  14. I would use it to control stair lightings with led`s on every stair and 3 ir sensors, bottom, top and in the middle, if one of them is activated the led`s will light up in order depending in witch direction you are going and wait untill you reach the seccond sensors then power down in the direction you went, if both sensors are activated in an amount of time the led`s will all light up. Manual control will also be posible and seting up the delay, a future desired project will be comunicating with my ez430 chronos watch, manual overwrite control of the stairs and detection if a person activates
  15. They are very helpful, coding is much more easier. I had to search a little before i got my first program to work i didn`t know how to include them in the project. Anyway making them was a good ideea. Looking forward to learning more.
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