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  1. Ok so I connected the board to the display using a wire wrap tool. P1.5 => SCK/SCL P2.0 => CS P1.7 => MOSI P1.6 => MISO VCC => VCC GND => GND But now that I have it connected I can't find any tutorial anywhere for Energia or Code Composer Studio that explains how to communicate with the LCD using serial communication. I did find this in the MSP430 datasheet: The USCI module is used for serial data communication. The USCI module supports synchronous communication protocols such as SPI (3 or 4 pin) and I2C, and asynchronous communication protocols such as UART, en
  2. Oh silly me, that second picture I posted does in fact tell you what those pins mean. But it does help now to know what MOSI and MISO mean. And good to know that I can just use any pin for CS. Thank you both now I can finally make progress on my senior project :grin:
  3. I finally have an LCD display to connect to my MSP430 Launchpad but I'm not sure which pins to connect. I decided to use a serial inteface because it will leave more pins open on my Launchpad for other inputs and outputs. Here is the pin description but it doesn't really tell me what CS, SDO, SDI, and SCL mean. As far as the pins on the Launchpad http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/msp430g2553.pdf (Pages 6-8) I'm not really sure which ones to use for CS, SDO, SDI, and SCL. Could it just be any pins with digital read and digital write functionality? If so, I assume it would be best to use the
  4. Thanks a lot I'll look into it and I'm sure my prof. will know what you are talking about.
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. I may get the Nokia 5110 but for now my professor found an LCD that we might be able to use. He said we would need some type of connector to interface it with the MSP430 device. I found the LCD on digikey.com, http://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?WT.z_header=search_go〈=en&keywords=DMC-50747NF-AK&x=0&y=0&cur=USD but the data sheet provided wasn't much help and I couldn't even find the item on the manufacturer's website. Its and LCD Module 16 X 2 chip on glass from Kyocera Display America and its part number is DMC-50747NF-AK. A
  6. I have an MSP430G2553 device. How do I know if I can use it with your LCD display? Is there a certain type of pin I need to have enough of? Or a certain capability the controller must have?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some advice about my senior project. For my part of my project I have to connect my MSP430G2553 to an LCD display so I can display stuff like internal temperature and battery charge. I should be able to figure out how to read the inputs on my own. But my problem is that I have no idea which LCD to use. Its clear that it can be done with MSP430 devices, but how do I know which display to use with mine? Thanks
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