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  1. Ah, BSP430 is more what I was looking for. I am new to embedded programming, but not C. I don't necessarily need lots of levels of abstraction, just something that makes it easier not to have to remember the name of every register. Thanks.
  2. I have been mucking around with my new Launchpad (using the 2553 chip), doing things like getting UART to work, using GPIO, messing with internal clocks, reading from the ADC, etc. What I noticed is that most of the examples are very low level. While I think it's great to be able to use the system so close to the metal, I also think that there is going to be a lot of duplication going on. So my questions is whether there are any libraries out there that make this stuff easier? Basically, I picture something that takes care of UART (HW and SW), SPI, setting up clocks, interrupt, ADC, and a
  3. Will do. Funnily enough, I just moved up here from Raleigh. Say hello to TriLUG for me
  4. Good time of day! I am new to embedded programming, so trying to learn how to do it right. Located in Danbury, CT if anyone else is local. Igor
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