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    izdane got a reaction from SteveR in What is reputation?   
    I was wondering what reputation is beside everyones username means?
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    izdane reacted to bluehash in Newark Free Shipping Code - above $100   
    Free shipping now on orders of $100 or more.
    Enter FREESHIP13 at checkout*.
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    izdane got a reaction from pine in RasPi + STM32 + Arduino (shield compatibility) on one board   
    Have you seen the udoo?
    UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer
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    izdane reacted to pine in RasPi + STM32 + Arduino (shield compatibility) on one board   
    All in one
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    izdane reacted to jpnorair in So is the next move embedded linux.   
    As long as batteries continue to suck, MCUs and tight, embedded coding will always be in the picture.
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    izdane reacted to RobG in Community BoosterPacks for Maker Faire Display   
    Flashy blinky display is ready  Might have to dial down couple of them

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    izdane reacted to RobG in Community BoosterPacks for Maker Faire Display   
    Make sure you save some space in your suitcase for my display board
    Still need to secure all the boards and run power to six of them.

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    izdane reacted to simpleavr in Community BoosterPacks for Maker Faire Display   
    u need your own booth. 
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    izdane reacted to mpymike in mpyprojects at makerfaire   
    If you are going to the Bay Area Makerfaire next weekend be sure to visit the mpy projects booth.
    We'll have various MSP430 powered animated models and games to show off.
    If you've not heard of Makerfaire before go to http://makerfaire.com/
    Basically its a huge exhibition for DIY enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes,
    all showing off their pet projects. There are first robotics competitions, lego displays, tons
    of microcontroller exhibits to name a few.  I know that Adrian will be there at the TI booth.
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    izdane reacted to PentiumPC in Getting a RigidBot 3D printer, help me learn?   
    As with any hobbyist 3D printers, there is a lot of tweaking needed, many companies tries to make it as foolproof as possible and have some success in it. 
    Since we are Makers and tinkerers, we are not fools, welcome to the roller coster ride of 3D printing.
    Where do we start?
    You must get rid of the "santa clause machine" mentally, you do not punch in the file and instantly get a toy.. no, no.. that is not true, you have to print many times to get your print right, unless it is a pre-tested print done by someone else with the same machine, it usually needs alot of tweaking but the result is usually extremely rewarding.. haha. Replicator-G is the de-facto software for RepRap with slicer etc built in.  As for CAD, you can use many free cad programs or sketch-up, SCAD etc. anything that can output an STL file. Depending what your machine is made for, the common options for 3D printing is ABS, PLA and PVA. ABS is "LEGO Plastic" more elastic than PLA, more care needed for printing.  PLA is the current rave, it doesn't warp (that much) and is harder but more brittle, warp in heat about 100 to 110 degree (centigrade). High resolution doesn't necessary means high quality print, if you are printing stuff with very little ridge details anything from 0.27 to 036mm is good, as it prints fast and will incude ess printing error. Learn to read the symtoms from the prints, no, you don' need a PHD for that.. there are plenty of info the net, read them and be rewarded immensely Don't be afraid to waste plastic, use them sparing as much as you can. Keep your plastic dry, esp PLA and PVA, dunno about ABS but I just keep them in a box with a drying agent when not using it for a while. Remember to print something for the wife. Do not punch someone in the face when you proudly show them your 3D print of a spoon and all they can say is "I can buy that for 10 cents". The above are my personal rantings and comments based on the past 1 to 2 years experience with my Makerbot  , it is in no way authoritative nor do I claim to be an expert in 3D printing. Above all, remember to have fun.
    I am sure you can print that sun-visor in no time, you just need a lot of patience for a start, after that you are an expert. haha.
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    izdane reacted to Fred in 43oh Store International Shipping May Have to Stop   
    Most people (kennylin0309 in particular) understand the effort that goes into this site and running the store. It's a shame that there's the odd idiot that doesn't. Raising a PayPal dispute without checking is totally unreasonable. I think everyone is happy for you to do what makes your life easier. I'd agree that it's probably easiest to go with the international Fedex option so that anyone who really does want something can get it. Maybe alongside a "contact me if you would like an untracked international order" if someone is happy to agree that things can go missing.
    Would it help if some community members you trust reposted things for you? e.g. if you wanted to post me a few orders I could then repost them to the UK or Europe with tracking. I'm guessing that'd be more hassle than it's worth though.
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    izdane reacted to GeekDoc in Getting a RigidBot 3D printer, help me learn?   
    The nice thing about this project (other than the low cost) is that it is a Rep-Rap variant. It uses the typical threaded rod for the z-axis and belts for x and y.  So, even if there is no support after I get the printer, there are many similar printers that share enough in common to make repairs/changes no problem.  It's a very DIY community, even when it comes to the printer.
    I've been looking at 3D printers for a long time, too.  If you're interested, I highly recommend you take a look at the RigidBot.  In the last update, they printed a 1" test cube at 100 micron (0.1mm) resolution.  The overall dimensions were within 50 microns, and the finish was the smoothest I've seen from a non-resin printer (close-ups in the update).  Where else can you get a 3D printer for under $350?
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    izdane reacted to yyrkoon in Be Featured In A Texas Instrument's Energia Community Remix Video   
    @@pabigot, there is always two sides to any situation, and I can sympathize with both.
    Just know however I am sure there are many people out there like me, who *do* appreciate the work you've done. Thank you for the time you did spend working on msp430-gcc  Truly.
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    izdane reacted to spirilis in [Energia Library] Nordic nRF24L01+ library   
    Hi folks... So I'm a little new to Energia, but since I wrote a library for the nRF24L01+ digital transceivers for native C-based apps I figured it'd be a great idea to port this to Energia.
    I'm rewriting it from scratch, trying to make it simpler & feel more like a native C++ energia lib.
    edit: This has been written and the latest version is up on Github.
    Github project- https://github.com/spirilis/Enrf24
    Latest version + comments- http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3237-energia-library-nordic-nrf24l01-library/?p=48805
    To that end, I'd like some feedback on the API choices I've made.  I want to know what some of you guys think should go in here.
    For now, here's an example of my "Nrf24.h" class definition (public's only, I haven't drafted the private's and probably won't until I really start writing the code):
    class Nrf24 { public: Nrf24(uint8_t cePin, uint8_t csnPin, uint8_t irqPin); void begin(); // Defaults used void begin(uint32_t datarate); // Specify bitrate void begin(uint32_t datarate, uint8_t channel); // Specify bitrate & channel void end(); // Shut it off, clear the library's state // I/O boolean available(); // Check if incoming data is ready to be read boolean write(void *buf, uint8_t len); /* Send packet, return true/false for autoACK * (true always if autoACK disabled or 250Kbps rate used) */ uint8_t read(void *inbuf); // Read contents of RX buffer, return length uint8_t read(void *inbuf, uint8_t maxlen); // Read contents of RX buffer up to 'maxlen' bytes, return final length. void autoAck(boolean onoff); // Enable/disable auto-acknowledgements (enabled by default) // Power-state related stuff- void deepsleep(); // Enter POWERDOWN mode, ~0.9uA power consumption void enableRX(); // Enter PRX mode (~14mA) void disableRX(); /* Disable PRX mode (PRIM_RX bit in CONFIG register) * Note this won't necessarily push the transceiver into deep sleep, but rather * an idle standby mode where its internal oscillators are ready & running but * the RF transceiver PLL is disabled. ~26uA power consumption. */ // Custom tweaks to RF parameters, packet parameters void setChannel(uint8_t channel); void setTXpower(int8_t dBm); // Only a few values supported by this (0, -6, -12, -18 dBm) void setSpeed(uint32_t rfspeed); void setCRC(boolean onoff, boolean crc16bit); /* Enable/disable CRC usage inside nRF24's hardware packet engine, * specify 8 or 16-bit CRC. */ // Protocol addressing -- receive, transmit addresses void setAddressLength(uint8_t len); // Valid parameters = 3, 4 or 5. Defaults to 5. void setRXaddress(uint8_t *rxaddr); // 3-5 byte RX address loaded into pipe#1 void setTXaddress(uint8_t *txaddr); // 3-5 byte TX address loaded into TXaddr register // Miscellaneous feature boolean rfSignalDetected(); /* Read RPD register to determine if transceiver has presently detected an RF signal * of -64dBm or greater. Only works in PRX (enableRX()) mode. */ } What do you think?  General usage would be to instantiate an Nrf24 object in the global, use begin() to start it and specify some custom params (data rate, or data rate & channel), then the transceiver is just sitting there idle until you either transmit (with setTXaddress() + write()) or enable RX mode with setRXaddress() + enableRX() and poll the available() function periodically.
    One thing I haven't worked out yet is how to implement the IRQ feature with Energia.  The nRF24 has an IRQ pin that is best hooked up for optimal function.  Can the library just use attachInterrupt() on the irqPin value that the user passes up top?
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    izdane reacted to jazz in Getting a RigidBot 3D printer, help me learn?   
    BTW, here is DIY MSP430F5xx based solution http://3dprinter.zemris.fer.hr/index.html
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    izdane reacted to kennylin0309 in 43oh Store International Shipping May Have to Stop   
    First, Sorry for my poor english.

    I am from Taiwan. Taiwan to Boston United States is 7718 miles.

    I appreciate that bluehash make awesome 43oh.com.
    I read 43oh forum every day and I learn a lot every day.

    I bought some awesome boards from 43oh store totally $278.53 USD
    There are my order history:

    1.) 15 March 2013 have not received this package "yet".
    2.) 25 March 2013 have received package in less then three weeks.
    3.) 09 April 2013 have received package in less then two weeks.
    4.) 27 April 2013 just shipped, a few days ago.

    About the first package that I have not received yet. I just waiting.
    I didn't send e-mail to bluehash.
    i don't want to ask about claim.

    The only thing I did is that I order again some boards when these awesome boards restock.


    bluehash is not digi-key / mouser.
    bluehash use his own time in order to support the 43oh.
    I learned a lot from the 43oh forum, I truly appreciate that.
    I don't want to disturb bluehash.

    The USPS package tracking system shows that package had shipped.
    Taiwan is far away from the U.S. Anything could happen.
    This is trade-off between flat rate shipping fee and increasing shipping fee include "insurance fee" to cover up lost packages.

    In my opinion..if this continues
    Stop international shipping is OK for me , I can use package forward service instead.
    or Add a option which is increasing international shipping fee include "insurance fee".
    Expensive Fedex is a good option too.

    In short, I truly appreciate that bluehash is doing good job and nothing can stop me from buying awesome boards from 43oh store.
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    izdane reacted to mpymike in mpyEditor v1.0 released   
    Hi everyone

    mpyEditor v1.0 is released.

    In this release there are several new commands
       lcd_print, map, limit, interrupt_setup, wait_cycles, global

    Other changes: Installer updated. Driver changed from
    libusb to use the tilib driver. The mpyEditor now Auto-detects the
    msp430 chip. Improved code optimization.

    The LCD commands are for the Hitachi
    HD44780 or compatible chipset 16x2 LCD displays.

    The new interrupt functions support pin interrupts and timer interrupts.

    There are pulse commands using the msp430 timers, for
    creating PWM signals and speaker output.

    Goto the download page at www.mpyprojects.com and give it a try.

    Don't forget to let us know how you get on, all feedback welcome!

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    izdane reacted to SugarAddict in TV-B-Gone using Launchpad   
    Then you would probably like this... I made one for a G2553 that was compact.

    I have a few extra boards of this... if you ask me nicely in IRC I might mail you one
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    izdane reacted to cheverecamachidoche in Hexapod robot   
    Hi guys.
    Im developing an hexapod robot with a launchpad that is controlled by remote control with a capacitive touch booster pack and an CC110L anaren air booster pack, the project is not finish yet but this is a little preview of the final design.
    The body and the legs of the robot is make of MDF wood and was design and build by my own :thumbup:


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    izdane reacted to Freile in Noritake VFD promo   
    $32 with shipping and tax in Texas. Still a good deal. $118 on Digikey.
    CU24063-Y1A:  $18.00
    Shipping & Handling: $11.35
    Tax: $1.83
    Order Total: $31.18
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    izdane reacted to nuetron in The Task   
    My dad handed me a sheet of paper this morning:
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Task ----------------------------------------------------------------
    The young man stopped his steed on a slight knoll. Twisting in the saddle he wistfully looked back over the terrain he had traversed, thinking of the battles fought, the lessons learned, the order brought, and the wisdom earned. Sighing he then looked forward into the chaos and danger of what lay ahead: The Werkaria. He had been here many times before, but though many battles had been fought here, many remained. His hand went reflexively to the hilt of his weapon, firmly ensconced in the scabbard at his hip. The handle of the soldering iron felt familiar and reassuring. Nathan knew it was time to dismount the steed that had brought him thus far and proceed alone, as the friendly constant companion could not follow him into the chaos ahead. He closed Laptop5's lid and, leaving its smooth muzzle behind, strode into the wilds that few dared enter that existed between the cliffs of West Wall and East Wall. Mumbling bits of The Code, which had strengthened him and his friends and which had guided him on his quest, he remembered the things he had learned from Master BlueHash and those who had gone before him. Ahead, in the jumble of the wild waited the thing that must be tamed - the MSP430.
    Nathan had fought with this beast on other occasions, and knew that harder battles lay ahead before this particular animal would be subdued. Struggling through the wires of the badlands, which tore at his legs like vines, he thought of his friends and family, which, not understanding the need for his quest, refused to enter here. Here, where components needed to survive were hard to find - and many times had to be harvested with great difficulty - Nathan felt truly alive. He was in his element. Though it seemed insane, he actually looked forward to the battles because of the rewards gained when The Code worked! The MSP430 was not the only beast out here, either. His confidants had warned him about its sister, The Ardweeno Beast, which was just as dangerous.
    Suddenly, he found himself at the Board. The beast was waiting for him! Drawing his soldering iron from its scabbard Nathan engaged in The Task. With a wisp of flux smoke and amid the flash of LEDs he was instantly focused only on the Battle, as all else around him faded away. He became unaware of West Wall, East Wall, and the chaos of Werkaria. Only the Board mattered, and only his skill with The Code could save him!
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    izdane reacted to pine in A street view of LaunchPad   
    Launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center
    Google Map in partnership with NASA

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    izdane reacted to caa028 in 4/30 Deals   
    @@RobG - sent you PM with the "VIP code" I received from TI (not going to use it).
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    izdane reacted to bluehash in New $45 Beaglebone   
    Yes.. I'm prepping a forum.. I won't be able to put it in the Stellarisit forum as it is mainly M0/M3/M4. The beagle is an entirely different animal.
    If we can group up, we can make a successful forum. i need a name though.. any ideas? This will support beagle bone and beagle board.
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    izdane reacted to semicolo in Yet another music box simulator   
    Hi guys, I wanted to share this project I made for my step sister last christmas.
    After seeing some other music box project on hack a day, I found it would make a nice gift. I started experimenting on arduino and launchpad/g2553 using wavetable software synthesis.
    It looks like I suck at optimizing c code on microcontrollers, I had to decrease the output sample rate to 6250Hz on the arduino for 6 channels and down to 7812Hz on the launchpad and use fixed point numbers with 4 bits after the point, sound was not good enough to my taste.
    (here are the CCS sources if someone wants to play with them: yamb-launchpad.zip)
    Here's a picture of the finished project, the final board uses an MSP430g2452 and an Atmel AT25DF32 SPI flash memory that holds the 8bits unsigned samples played by the CPU at 31250Hz using a 62500Hz pwm.
    Everything's hidden in the side of a homemade wooden box. Mains voltage is held off by the switch unless the top of the box is open.

    And here's the sound used, it was generated on my pc by a console floating point version of the wavetable synthesis software.
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