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  1. izdane

    PxDIR issues

    Hello everyone! I am trying to control LEDs with registers(I'm going through "Getting started with MSP430 launchpad). If I run the code below the green LED turns on. Isn't P1DIR just supposed to declare wether the pin is input or output or am I missing something? void setup() { P1DIR = 0x40; } void loop() { } Thanks, Ivan
  2. Have you seen the udoo? UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer
  3. izdane

    Fast and Fun MSP430 Robot Car

    I started reading the MSP430 based robot application book which is great! It's great that you made a kit to go along with the book on kick starter but why put the announcement in a .ppt file?
  4. izdane

    4/30 Deals

    "Once these kits are gone, they're gone!" So they are clearing out Chronos stock?
  5. Seriously? I get sent to the principal for taking a phone from the e-waste bin?

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    2. cubeberg


      Wow - somebody needs to take your principal to a Hackerspace!

    3. spirilis


      Yeah that is incredibly lame.

    4. bluehash


      You know if you want something.. just put in a request in the Buy/Sell forum. Maybe you'll get something off someone's bench.

  6. izdane

    Contest : Show off your Avatars

    I'm in! This is "Cranky" from "Where's my water?"
  7. izdane

    List of MSP430 Webpages and Blogs

    Just started a blog for beginners http://msp430forbeginners.blogspot.ca/
  8. izdane

    @ Bug

    Yeah there is a russian name repeating over and over.
  9. izdane

    Welcome to MPY

    MPY works great! Thank you so much
  10. izdane

    Hello from Edemissen, Germany

  11. izdane

    Hey all, from Ohio

    Welcome to 43oh!
  12. izdane

    Another 430 Watch

    That thing looks awesome! Where did you get the OLED for the watch?
  13. Come on TI, release it already!