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    EdZackRee got a reaction from skaidaif in Lab10 hardware problem   
    Time for Noob Parade!
    I purchased the 2.2" touch screen LCD from 43oh Store in place of the 3.5 screen called for in TI Stellaris Lab10.  Of course the 3.5 became available the same day I ordered the 2.2"
    I have files color.h and main.c from the 43oh Forum which are associated with a Lights Out game.
    Stupid me, I cannot figure out how to load these bare files, cannot seem to find another pair of files msp430g2553.h and colorLCD.h which are #INCLUDE called out in the main.c file.
    Cannot figure out how or what to substitute to make the 2.2" LCD work in place of the 3.5" in Lab10.
    Any help, including being told to find another line of work, gratefully accepted.
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    EdZackRee got a reaction from skaidaif in A basic hardware source list   
    So, being a Jack of all trades, master of durn few, I'm wondering about setting up a collective list of common BoosterPack fabrication parts and their sources.
    I've been out of electronics for too long, diddling in the commercial CAD world (for jewelers of all people).  Building prototype boosterpacks could be sped along for everyone if we had a collective source list of common parts; header pin blocks, jumper sets, screwed termination blocks, opto-isolators, yadda yadda yadda.  You can see my ancientness by my lack of familiarity with current terminology.
    Anyhow, a list, maybe even with small pictures, part number and vendor/website.  Prices are too volatile to worry about.
    Same could be said for sourcing out those companies that make your boards.  On some other "hobby specific" or "career specific" forums I have seen "straight shooter" or "valued vendor" listings helping the newcomer find a reliable and honest source of special services.
    Anyhow, it's a thought, now it isn't causing me any more headaches.
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    EdZackRee reacted to vmsbarbosa in 2.2" Color LCD Booster Pack   
    Is there an estimate for when this will available. I'm very very interested in acquiring one.
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    EdZackRee got a reaction from bluehash in Lab7 - installing Generic Bulk Device   
    Just a quick note:
    On Win7 (Running on Mac via Boot Camp) the Module 1 installation process did not install the Generic Bulk Device USB driver needed for Lab7 to work. In all probability it was User Error (me) but in case this is a fluke of Win7 install, you need to go to the Device Manager, click the Generic Bulk Device, get into the Properties and update the driver from \StellarisWare\
    This then activates the connection so the LaunchPad can communicate back and forth with the PC, per the Lab.
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    EdZackRee got a reaction from bluehash in Noob problem - Lab2 - Step 6, no Run button - keeps asking for license   
    Okay, figured it out.  Step 1 talks about going back and changing the License in the future.  It should tell the user that the path Help>Code Composer Studio Licensing Information>Upgrade tab>Launch License Setup needs to be followed to establish the Evaluation level of the license.
    Once I did this I show a 90 day license and the CCS software works per the Lab2 write up.
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