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  1. Timotet: Don't understand your shorthand (should be ccsv5 -> ccs_base -> arm -> include). I am on Version: of CCS. Cannot find the lm4f120h5qr.h file anywhere that I did not place it myself. Besides resident in the Project, I have a copy stored at C:\StellarisWare\driverlib Touch features not working, will keep fighting with this...
  2. As others so astutely determined, yours truly trying to run code on wrong chip. DOH! Thanks for tolerating a noob. So is there a port of the Lights Out game to Stellaris? Doesn't look like it from browsing the forum and over on Stellarisiti. EZR
  3. RobG - My mistake, I am on an LM4F120 launchpad. I DID reinstall CCS at the urging of timotet on 43oh forum, and still the StellarisWare folder was not automatically identified by CCS. Using timotet's instructions I was able to use TI Resource Explorer to find StellarisWare folder and link it. This should probably be a mandated check upon starting the first project as CCS clearly did not do "its thing" when installed either time. Notwithstanding, lm4f120h5qr.h was still nowhere to be found. I did find a copy on the web, it had some weird invisible syntax problem with a lot of the comm
  4. Thanks for that. I replied to your private email before seeing this post.
  5. Per the request of the Admins, I am starting a thread in General to discuss my failures at getting the 2.2" LCD to function on a Stellaris LaunchPad. My problems started as soon as I had the headers soldered in place, the boosterpack pressed in place and powered up from USB. Panel lights up, that's the last feeling of success. I do customer support of 3d CAD 4 axis mills. I will refrain from using the work "issues" - if I had "Issues" I would be seeing a Shrink. MacBook Pro running Windows 7 32 bit under Boot Camp. Running this arrangement with my companies' software it is more
  6. Okay, new guy confusion admitted up front. The stonings may begin at the end of this blab... I thought I did select the right family. In CCS, under Properties, select "120" then designate as "LM4F120H5QR". Using the posted main.c file it calls in Line 1: #include "msp430g2553.h" - however I have no such file anywhere. It did not load with CCS, searched every way I could think. Also, the gibberish in the TI Labs, such as Add dir to #include search path (--include_path, -1) in Properties followed by "${PROJECT_ROOT}/../../../.." means explicit information to people with a programming b
  7. Lubitch: Where did you get your copy of msp430g2553.h from? I have yet to find one that lets my compile finish without major errors. Thanks in advance.
  8. Further tinkering has determined that there are more than 1 version of msp430g2553.h out there to be found. Found one version that compiles with only a single fault: tells me that it is for ICC430/A430 only. Other versions return 40 or more errors on compile and that is the end of that. So, trying to determine where I can get my hands of a working version of msp430g2553.h All have Version 1 - Revision 1 in the top commented text, so this isn't very helpful in determining the pedigree of a specific file. Anybody have a version of msp430g2553.h that works with the 2.2" LCD screen that
  9. RobG - thanks! Sorry I couldn't reply sooner. I will search harder, but I didn't find msp430g2553.h the last time I looked through the CCS files. Probably an operator error. Thanks again.
  10. Noob problems: Purchased latest offering of the 2.2" LCD (beautiful work!!!), soldered on the connectors, plugged in and it lights up. Yippee! Then comes using it. Create a new project in CCS for the Lights Out game. Downloaded all of RobG's latest files in Post #20, searched and found a copy of the msp430g2553.h file on internet. Placed this and the color.h and colorLCD.h files, plus the in430.h file in the same Project folder, clearing the question marks (?) next to the INCLUDE statements at the start of main.c. But now I get a wad of nasty errors. Noob can't figure out what he's done
  11. Time for Noob Parade! I purchased the 2.2" touch screen LCD from 43oh Store in place of the 3.5 screen called for in TI Stellaris Lab10. Of course the 3.5 became available the same day I ordered the 2.2" I have files color.h and main.c from the 43oh Forum which are associated with a Lights Out game. Stupid me, I cannot figure out how to load these bare files, cannot seem to find another pair of files msp430g2553.h and colorLCD.h which are #INCLUDE called out in the main.c file. Cannot figure out how or what to substitute to make the 2.2" LCD work in place of the 3.5" in Lab10.
  12. So, being a Jack of all trades, master of durn few, I'm wondering about setting up a collective list of common BoosterPack fabrication parts and their sources. I've been out of electronics for too long, diddling in the commercial CAD world (for jewelers of all people). Building prototype boosterpacks could be sped along for everyone if we had a collective source list of common parts; header pin blocks, jumper sets, screwed termination blocks, opto-isolators, yadda yadda yadda. You can see my ancientness by my lack of familiarity with current terminology. Anyhow, a list, maybe even wi
  13. Snagged one! Big thanks to RobG for staying on top of this!
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