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    Welcome! I bet you make kick ass smoothies I don't, my wife doesn't let me play with our blender. It doesn't work very well and she is scared that I will mod it.
  2. Can you record it for those not able to be there on the 23rd? Like a screen cast?
  3. I didn't know they made PCBs
  4. just curiosity, Those(like me) that have to unplug and replug your launch pad, what os are you using. Windows here.
  5. I am building a robot similar to this. I have dedicated UC controlling the motors, sensors and displays (to be implemented). they then communicate with a brain with a can bus using a chip from Microchip. I forget the number but you can communicate to it usin SPI
  6. some times I got to plug and unplug mine cause it just stop detecting. I don't remember the error it gives me
  7. Thanks for that. I was just guessing. Ill do some of that reading lol
  8. They are trying to implement boost in the standard C++2. so it should be portable
  9. Thanks! I don't know why, for some reason I had drawn VCC -> resistor -> reset pin -> ground. I am not sure why I did that lol. the cap would be to start from gnd and slowly bring it to vcc?
  10. wouldn't that bring my reset pin to ground? would a voltage divider with a small resistor and VCC and a large one on the ground work?
  11. the punch cards concept is still used if you think about it. When you need to darken the circles on a survey (using only an HB pencil). My high school use that to take attendance. one of my friends, from high school, wrote a software for it to generate a hex file for a motorola chip
  12. how would you tie the reset pin if you wanted to be able to reprogram it in the field?
  13. cant you just put break points and view the variable state? that is how I do it
  14. I did think og using a lieter pot rather than a rotary pot and have the user slide it up even with the stack. I think RobG's Idea with the LED might be a good Idea LED are cheap and I can find them every where
  15. I do like the ping idea though the distance meeter usualy have a minimum distance. I also don't know if its accurate enough to detect the difference of 1/4 inch? I might try it though and see. I also don't quite understand what you mean with the sensors being diagonally? can you explain a little more? thanks
  16. after reading some more, you are right, they measure the change in pressure. Thanks. i was hopping not to use presure sensors since they are expensive. But I guess its the best way.
  17. that is sorta what I am trying to accomplish with the piezo. I have a piezo at hand and they are cheap. any link for a pressure sensor?
  18. I am trying to find a way to measure how many poker chips in a stack. My though was to put a peizo and put your stack on that. I don't know enough about peizo though. Any thoughts would be appreciated or if you would use some thing else.
  19. I mean is cost money for badwith time hosting hard ware and prizes for POM. I am all for adds
  20. If it bring money in to the forum I won't mind it. as long as its not the adds that hilight words and open when you mouse over. I hate those. I don't even read the site
  21. TP3 will give you 5V if not TP1 will I can't remember. I solder a socket so I can use it when ever I want. (provided by gatesphere)
  22. JMLB


    naw its a M430 not MSP. I think it might be a msp430 with the program all ready loaded. if you google M430F449 you will get distributors calling it a multimeter chip. I got 117 quotes this morning after posting I wanted the datasheet. none gave me the data sheet lol. I also got like 20000 msn requests. This might have been a bad Idea. luckily the msn was a scrap msn that I use for occasions like this
  23. JMLB


    the fluke 87 seem to be using a TI multimeter chip. m430f449 I can't find the data sheet though. I sent an email to a supplier. we will wait and see.
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