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  1. printf in the IAR simulator outputs to the Terminal I/O window. Does anyone know how to output a single character to the window with only assembly? I tried sending bytes to the UART but nothing shows up. Any ideas?
  2. Old thread but if you're still looking for an answer, make sure you have reset asserted. The datasheet for mine was wrong and lists reset as an output, so I skipped it. It worked fine after I pulled it high.
  3. A few years ago a lot of people on the forum were playing with the 96x68 Nokia 1202 LCDs. Did any of you try to run them at less than 3.3v? I would like to try powering one with a CR2032, so I would plan on giving it about 2.8v. The datasheet for the ste2007 says it works down to 2.4v but I would be curious to know if this screen can do that. Also, if anyone has measured the current consumption, that would be good to know too. I read somewhere that it is around 0.2mA.
  4. I've have several projects with a 5 pin header for the 6 pin FT232 cable since none of the projects use the 6th pin. One time I plugged the header into pins 2-6 of the FT232 cable instead of 1-5 and my launchpad died :S Also, took a while to get my first MCP23S17 I/O expander to work since the datasheet incorrectly lists the RESET pin as an output, not an input.
  5. Isn't that a 2MP sensor on there? 640x480 is only 0.3MP, right? I was hoping for decent pictures by getting the 5MP version. Also, do you know if you can skip the jpg stage and get raw data from it?
  6. This looks pretty promising: http://www.arducam.com/arducam-mini-released/ There is also a 5MP camera module that plugs into a raspberry pi but I would rather not add one to my project just to get a camera. Also, it seems some cameras can be controlled over IR, although I don't know if there are any cheaper ones that do this.
  7. Right. The problem at this point seems to be finding any camera with more than 3MP that could be interfaced to a microcontroller.
  8. Neat! Thanks for that. It's a good starting place. I would like to do that but everything I find is only 2-3MP, including the one on that Boosterpack and the OV3660 it can be switched out for. Also a good idea. I suspect I might eventually need something beefier than an MSP430 anyway. I'm just trying to take decent quality still pictures. I won't need to do video and images can be stored in raw format with no processing.
  9. I'd like to interface a camera with decent resolution to an MSP430 but I'm not having any luck finding one. Ideally the camera would have at least 5MP, although around 10MP would be better. I know none of the models of MSP430 have enough memory to receive all that image data so I would plan on buffering it into some kind of external memory or SD card. The problem is that everything I have found so far has either about 2MP resolution or communicates over USB. Do any of you have experience with something like this? I would also be willing to reuse a digital camera if that is possible.
  10. @@abecedarian I already did. I'm just porting it to this processor because it is faster and has enough internal RAM to buffer variables. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5003-rpn-scientific-calculator/
  11. Porting my RPN Calculator code from MSP430 to LPC1114. Added keystroke programming and a Vfd screen.
  12. @@chicken yep. If you manage to get some I can PM you my address.
  13. That's amazing. I'll take 5 if anyone wants to pick up extras. No Fry's anywhere near here :/
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