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  1. Thanks for you ideas. I think I will give MSP430F2012 target board a go if I can figure out what to do with the missing regulator. Absolute maximum for Vcc to Vss seems to be 4.1V, so a fully charged LiPo cell slightly exceeds that. Maybe I'll just add a schotky diode to drop the voltage a bit. By the way, the actual price for the target boards seems to be 15$, not 10$. https://estore.ti.com/EZ430-T2012-MSP430-USB-Stick-F2012-Board-P955.aspx Cheers, Mikko
  2. Hi! I have been looking for a small MSP430 based board, something similar to arduino pro mini. Basically I'd be happy with a board that would have the MCU, 3.3V (LDO) regulator, a pullup for the reset and test points where I can solder the rest of the stuff I need (or to solder a pin headet to use it on a breadboard). So, is there anything like this available, or should I just build my own. (Or use Atmel MCUs...) Cheers, Mikko
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