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    smatty17 reacted to lalalandrus in Msp430 LaunchPad with cc4000-tc6000   
    oh where to begin...  i did a quick search and here are some notes
    i see you have a ton of wires soldered. try focusing on just the TX. GND and VCC from the GPS for now. (GPS TX to Launchpad RX and remove jumper)
    1) it speaks UART yay! default baud rate is 9600 double yay! default outputs GPS and GSV NMEA data every second triple yay!
    2) adapt the above code by using only the GPS decoding functions, then implement the serial functions to grab the data from the serial port
    3) alternatively, load energia with the hardware and then use the GPS library from arduino,
    4) hook up only the GPS tx to the micro RX and have the micro TX still jumpered to the launchpad application UART then just echo the datat to check the connections and everything is working
    5) move on from 4 and send formatted decoded data and see that everything else is working. 
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