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  1. Unfortunately I haven't heard from Paul Stoffregen yet, so I decided to release the modified source here. I still hope he'll respond, and include the changes in his own library, but at least you guys have a chance to play with it now So, attached is the UNOFFICIAL OneWire library, that is compatible with Energia. Regards, Michel. OneWire Energia Compatible.zip
  2. @OzGrant and others: The OneWire library you are talking about is probably the one from Paul Stoffregen. I've made a port for Energia, and have sent him the changes to see if he is willing to incorporate them to his source. So fingers crossed on that one :-). I'll update here if I have more news.
  3. I was bitten pretty hard by a bug in "millis()" (it can't go higher than 53787 ms in 0101E0009 for the Stellaris), which seems to be fixed in GitHUB (thanks for that :-)). I could work around it for now, but I'm wondering when we could expect a new release... Is there a roadmap or anything?
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