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  1. Hello Phaelz, I managed to get it working with the msp430, and recently with the Stellaris (much easier thanks the driverlib). Anyways, if you post your email I will send you my msp430 code which used the grace plug in. Also, as a general note I've found that the debug circuit doesn't do well with any type of external communication. My suggestion is just use either the run to line command, or the reset button itself. (don't step through)
  2. Hi Murphy! I've been trying to do the exact same thing for the past week with little progress. I Tried using the library provided by TI, but I never got it to read anything from the MPU. I took it upon myself to write the interrupt routines myself and so far I get a response, but sometimes it appears to be valid data, then others garbage. Here is the code I wrote. Can anyone spot where the error is? or have a working library to interface these two devices? #include <msp430g2553.h> // General Boolean /////////////// #define False 0 #define True
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