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    Products using MSP430

    Probably right if it was printed but it's a laser marking on MSP430. The other devices which were marked with the colored frames in the picture are also still ok. I tried to look up other pictures of the SK Hynix HFS128G3AMNB SSD. But on the ones I found the MSP marking is just as hard to read. http://img01.taobaocdn.com/imgextra/i1/169682/T2yZJYXsBXXXXXXXXX_!!169682.jpg http://img.alibaba.com/img/pb/925/226/825/825226925_681.jpg
  2. GG430

    Products using MSP430

    Nice find indeed. It looks like a MSP430G2201. Wonder why the marking looks so vanished. Anyways, there shouldn't be anything after the 2201 in the second row, but it looks like there is something. http://www.ti.com/general/docs/partmarking/deviceinfo.tsp?keyword=MSP430G2201IRSA16R&searchType=device&startPosition=0&termPlacement=EXACT_MATCH&templateId=0&navigationId=0&siteFlag=0
  3. You can use any pin to power the device. Once you flashed your code, just connect any port pin or rst and Vss to your battery and it'll run. It's all about the current in this case and depends on your LED but with a transistor it should work. The port pin can't be an output obviously.
  4. Right, you can power the 430 thru portpins as well since all are protecred with a diode and the drop is even less than the .7 The rst pin was actually used to really power the device in this 6 pin hack: http://blog.greg.so/2012/01/making-6-pin-msp430-value-line-device.html
  5. Congratulations! Twins can be a real challenge. The cool thing though is that you got a boy and girl at the same time
  6. For the pinout of the different Launchpads you can checkout the TI Launchpad Wiki. http://ti.com/launchpadwiki http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/BoosterPack_Design_Guide
  7. GG430

    The MSP430 on the moon

    Unfortunately (or fortunately,) not. Too much support and unknown performance involved not knowing what the customer is going to do with it ;-)
  8. GG430

    The MSP430 on the moon

    True but no bare die offered on CC430. Kind of makes sense too as it adds another dimension of required support... Anyways at least from this perspective the project description makes sense, I would't be too surprised if this project turns out to be a hoax ;-)
  9. GG430

    The MSP430 on the moon

    Hackaday probably got this from the project description, which oddly refers to Arduino too: " Scouts are solar powered with integrated optical and radio transceivers and can have sensors including a single pixel optical sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor, strain gauges and more. If you are comfortable with ARDUINO level software development, you can run your own software on Software and Hardware Development Scouts. We
  10. IAR had a solution for that by adding defines for all the binary representations in 8 or 16 bit. http://supp.iar.com/Support/?note=46979 http://netstorage.iar.com/SuppDB/Public/SUPPORT/006172/Binary_values_8_bit.txt http://netstorage.iar.com/SuppDB/Public/SUPPORT/006173/Binary_values_16_bit.txt
  11. Depending on what you are looking for, IMHO the TI Touch BP layout for the wheel is not very good because of the interlaced wheel finger portions, it might look cool though ;-) One of the best guides to sizes, pitchs and layout I found is this one: http://www.semtech.com/apps/filedown/down.php?file=capacitive-touch-sensing-layout-guidelines-an.pdf Specifically the wheel is working much better than the Touch BP because it's a well shaped layout. Not as fancy though ;-)
  12. You also might want to check out the 2xx user's guide on page 564 (ADC10) or 585 (ADC12). Chapters are called Grounding and Noise Considerations. http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/slau144 This relates mostly to the CPU switching. So using the DMA to transfer ADC data instead of CPU intervention is a good idea.
  13. The just polished MSP430.com landing page has now the part number decoder too. http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/microcontroller/16-bit_msp430/getting-started.page#pndecoder
  14. GG430

    Products using MSP430

    This one is literally making my day since a while ago. It's an alarm clock controlled by your sleep phase. When I first heard of this I thought it's just another way of alarm clock with better advertisement. Anyway I tried the same technique with "Sleep as Android" and couldn't really believe it works as good as it did. Waking and getting up was much easier. So I bought the AXBO sleep phase alarm clock. http://www.axbo.com I also found a blog entry about messing with the internals. http://www.openbeacon.org/Openbeacon_Axbo Didn't even know it uses a 430 until then. Even better on the version for 2 people they use 3 430s :-) An MSP430F436 in the clock and a MSP430F1101A in each of the transmitters. I already bought one of these NRF24 boards on ebay to mess with it a bit. Let's see what comes out of this.
  15. Indeed some pretty cool stuff there. The quad copter is kind of cool. Seems C2000 got themself a new toy for the TI booth ;-) However it looks more the Launchpad is the boosterpack to the rest and they overshot the max BOM cost quite a bit. Anyways I voted for the solar harvester as it's the most MSP430 specific one running of ultra low power.
  16. True, this is kind of a confusing system. cde captured your examples. MSP430 specific there are a couple others. MSP430F2274IDA MSP430F2274IDAT MSP430F2274IDAR MSP430F2274TDA MSP430F2274TDAT MSP430F2274TDAR DA = Package (http://www.ti.com/sc/docs/psheets/mechanic.htm) I/T = -40 to 85 DEG C / -40 to 105 DEG C S = Special Temp Range, like MSP430L092SPW is 0 to 50 DEG C _/T/R = Tube or Tray delivery / Mini Reel 250 pcs. / Large Reel, depends on package size, usually 2500 pcs. MSP430F2274MDATEP M = Military -55 to 125 DEG C EP = Enhanced Product Q1 = Q100 Automotive Qualified The MSP430s are all lead free, therefore no differentiation.
  17. No need to buy it at Watterott ;-) Just thought it's worth mentioning. I'm also not related to him, but was just ordering other stuff there and if you order more than one it comes in cheaper than the 9.99USD at TI, at least if you are in Germany. In the end I don't care about the LP price too much anyway, whether it's 4.30 or 9.99, at least it's much cheaper then the UIF for 115USD and the price for additional units is still the same.
  18. For the guys in Germany or Europe, Watterott has over a hundred of Launchpads V1.5 left for 4.76EUR. http://www.watterott.com/de/MSP430-LaunchPad-MSP-EXP430G2 Shipping is 3.50EUR in Germany.
  19. @@JWoodrell hope you haven't sent it. You connected AVSS to DVCC and AVCC to DVSS.
  20. Olimex has the PDIP 40 BoosterPack on preview now. https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/Booster/MSP430-G2744BP/
  21. The Android shape is really kind of cute. :thumbup: Not sure if I wanna call the Olimex BSL board cute, but I think it's cool, for obvious reasons ;-) https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/BSL/MSP430-BSL/
  22. Right it's not mentioned in the DS but you can see it in the users guide page 44. Connection of unused pins. http://www.ti.com/litv/pdf/slau144i
  23. Pretty cool! I like the backward compatibility to the 20 pin. However I think it's necessary to connect AVDD too since it sources more stuff than just the ADC. Maybe having an 0R connecting it to DVDD.
  24. Yeah true, this works somehow as well. I built something similar a couple years ago, way before value line since I wanted a DIP 430 too. The QFN is hand-soldered too and I used it quite often. But, and this may be just my person feeling, in the end a real PDIP package is just nicer to use, specifically when putting it in a socket. The cool thing about the interposer was that it almost can be used as a standalone application. So I can only speak for myself, I'm still looking forward for the G2744 PDIP to be released. :thumbup:
  25. Think I got it. I added a 20 pin socket for G2553 and moved the pinheaders back in their original position. The layout is not the prettiest, but that's not the most important part ;-) MSP-EXPG2P40P20_1P0.brd MSP-EXPG2P40P20_1P0.sch I also removed the Emulator in this version. MSP-EXPG2BP_P40P20_1P0.brd MSP-EXPG2BP_P40P20_1P0.sch This is what I added since it annoyed me on the LP previously. + GND connector to the jumpers from emulator to target added + Added a 2nd button connected to P1.4
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