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  1. jp, thanks for your reply. The code I am debugging is a sample from TI for Simplicity wireless node to node testing, hence I believe it enables the interrupt so that it can check for an incoming signal or message from the other node. So turning it off would break the communications b/w the 2 nodes. I guess I should rephrase my question: How do you debug a live two-way communications program that use interrupts to check for incoming data? Thanks
  2. So I am trying to step through the debugger (CCS 5.3x) with the AP-Hub example code from the ex430-RF2500T. But I cannot really see anything, because the debugger takes a second to jump the next line and then an interrupt happens and I am in the BSP_ISR_FUNCTION( BSP_GpioPort1Isr, PORT2_VECTOR ) function, then I hit step over and I back int he Gpio function again. I never get to see main.c program go through its paces. So how do you step through code to learn when the interrupts keep firing? Is there a way to tell the debugger to always jump over the interrupts? Thanks -=Ryan
  3. Hey gang, nice looking forum you got here. I have a C, Delphi and .Net background. I have been wanting to get into programming microprocessors/controls for a while. I started with the Parallax propeller and spin, which is not bad, but I want to build some wireless solutions using 2.4 or BT, and Parallax just charges too much for the wireless stuff. So I found the 430 LaunchPad over a year ago. Order like 4 of them and few capacitive touch boosters and a ez430-RF2500T pack. I have been use the CCS 4 and it all ok. But has soon as I start to work with the wireless demos, I could not get any of them to work. So I through all my TI stuff in a box and put it on a shelf about 8 months ago. Well a friend of mine who knows nothing about programming has been asking me to help him with wireless buzzer solution. So I broke out the LaunchPad stuff, removed CCS 4 and installed CCS 5 and started playing with the samples again. I can get one of the Simpliciti demos to work, but I cannot get the teno sensor demo to work (RF2500T BoosterPack). So I just ordered the 430BOOST-CC110L kit hoping I could get this wireless demo/sample pack to work. -=Ryan
  4. This Simpliciti tutorial link starts to display, but this stops and displays a cannot find this resource page. Is there another way to get to this tutorial? Thanks -=Ryan 43oh nube
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