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  1. Adrian, you need to comment out the HX8340B as follows in the colorLCD.h file and enable the ILI9225B driver inits. // #define HX8340B #define ILI9225B hope this helps, Pete
  2. RobG's 2.2" LCD Boosterpack working nicely with bitmaps...
  3. I've been wanting to get involved in these micros for a while now, but didn't really have the time, so I'm glad I did. I used to work for an single board computer manufacturer designing x86 based products years ago when lcds first started entering the industrial pc market. So much has changed since then...I mean I used to use Unitrode and National IC's in my switching power circuits...;-) Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Finally broke down and ordered some launchpads, etc. been playing around with the cap touch and anaren solutions... fun...
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