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    B# will have them tomorrow.
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    After a couple of hours of work porting the enc26j80 driver from my own mini ipv6 stack to uip, I have my enc28j60 booster pack working with the Stellaris Launchpad.

    The current example code is at https://github.com/xpgdk/stellaris-enc28j60-booster and does nothing more than acquiring an IPv4 address and serve a static web-page on port 80. The code is tested using GCC only.

    (I apologize for the quality of the video)

    I will be improving the driver and the example code in the coming weeks. 
    Schematics for revision 2:


    Updated April 9th 2013: Added schematics and board-design of rev 2 board.
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    Loks like all components up top. Oven friendly
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    Is there an estimate for when this will available. I'm very very interested in acquiring one.
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