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  1. Hi! Hello! The e-paper Giveaway is a Great initiative :thumbup:
  2. Yes, it is in my plans to make a boosterpack for it, with selectable serial(SPI) or 8bit parallel mode, and a graphic display+SD card if possible. The intention is not having too much packs on top of LM4F Launchpad.
  3. Hello all, I'm trying to port a NFC application into LM4F Launchpad based on TRF7970A. I hope LM4F120H5QR leave the preview status as soon as possible. Good luck for all!
  4. I didn't understand. Is this contest still open? I'm working in a NFC stellaris design and is in the final stage.
  5. How can I get one? I'm develloping a project with this launchpad and this display would be wonderfull on top. Regards!
  6. Is there an estimate for when this will available. I'm very very interested in acquiring one. Regards!
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